Hi, I'm Kathleen.

I play online for a living.

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I'm always on the hunt for the next best tool. I can spend hours reading about productivity, even though I'm aware that reading about productivity actually inhibits productivity. Creativity lies in all of us, but it's overrated (as is discipline). Following outlines and processes feels rote, but following processes is how great things get built.

I love teaching people how to do what I've figured out, and I love to take ideas and turn them into ways audiences can deepen their understanding of a topic.

I also love taking pictures, and fancy myself a pretty good photographer.

I'm always learning, and am wary of those who aren't.

I live in Portland, Oregon, and it's as weird as you've heard (at least in spots).

I love talking shop, so feel free to contact me! Some of my best friends live in my computer.

Some of My Photos >>

Browse through some of my latest projects. Need photos taken? I can help!

Lola Retreat, August 2017, Portland, OR

Mary & Eric's Engagment, July 2017, Portland, OR

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I'd love to chat! Let's meet up for coffee or lunch (or if you're not in my immediate area, let's meet online). We'll talk business. It'll be fun!

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