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I help entrepreneurs find revenue opportunities they can't see. Then I design quick-to-market solutions that reach more people and make more money.

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is your website helping you

make money?

Your website should be turning traffic into visitors and visitors into sales. If it's not, you're leaving money on the table. Money that's going to be picked up by someone else... your competition.

what if your website helped you

bring more attention to your offer?

Picture this: after a short-but-intense burst of work, your website had copy that converted visitors into subscribers, it was laid out in a way that made sense, had a design that used your uniqueness, looked so fresh and so clean, and didn't cost an arm and a leg.

That's what you'll get when you work with me.

Because why spend a ton of money on something you have to refresh in two years anyway?

kayla sloan coaching testimonial

"Immediately after I started working with Kathleen, my email subscribers jumped. I now get 6X as many email subscribers every single day! My revenue also increased and went from inconsistent sales to regular, consistent income I can count on. Thanks Kathleen!"

Kayla Sloan, KaylaSloan.com

Simple websites. Optimized for conversion. Launched quickly.

Your website has the potential to be the most cost-effective employee you hire. Done right (and I'll show you how to do these things right!), your website will work while you're asleep or otherwise away from your computer. It'll convince people -- not everyone, but the people you want to attract -- that they can trust you with their email address and ultimately their time, energy, and money.

here's what's


  • Responsive web design

    Because it needs to look good on screens of all sizes.

  • Custom logo + branding

    From scratch or an update of what's currently there.

  • Copywriting

    You talk, I listen and then write copy that converts. 

  • Marketing consulting

    We'll create a plan to promote your offers.

  • Ongoing support

    Marketing never sleeps.


“Kathleen was incredible. I reached out to her last minute to help create a landing page and email sequence for the holiday season and not only did she turn it around in record time, it was extremely well thought out and beautifully executed. I am so pleased with the results (160 new sign-ups over the holiday weekend!) and excited to put it all to work!”

Bola Sokunbi, Clever Girl Finance

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Plus, I'll be there, helping you every step of the way.

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Hi, I'm Kathleen.

Everything I've ever done has led me back to marketing. My superpowers include making the internet a more beautiful place and looking at someone's business (yours?) and finding revenue opportunities.

Not sure if I'm a good fit? Let's chat!

Now, it's your turn. Let me help you make your brand more profitable.


"Kathleen and her team were so easy to work with. I gave them a chicken scratch concept and they turned it into a beautiful website. It was exactly what I wanted."

Michael Riscica, Young Architect

A website is only as good as the people it attracts.

It's easy to forget the whole point of a website, which is to:

    • Turn visitors into repeat visitors
    • Turn repeat visitors into subscribers
    • Turn subscribers into customers
    • and turn customers into raving fans!

Thing is, if your website is pretty but people aren't subscribing to your mailing list, your website is not working.

Luckily, it's an easy problem to fix.

Optimizing a website for conversion doesn't take wizardry or magic. It just takes a bit of thinking about your site from the perspective of someone who's never seen it before.

Anne Keery

“Redesigning my website has been on my to-do list for months, it just was never a priority. But when Kathleen approached me and showed me what a fresh design could look like, I was sold. My page views increased immediately, and my only regret was not prioritizing this earlier.”

Anne Keery, Unique Gifter

how we'll work


Step 1:

lay the foundation

We'll get together to talk about how this all works. Before our first call, I'll send you a worksheet that someone else said took forever to fill out because it asked questions she never even considered before about her brand and what it represented. Then during the first call, we'll talk about what's working on your website, and the vision you have for your rebrand. We do this in order to avoid the common "I don't know why, but I don't like this" reaction to designs and layouts.

Step 2:

the redesign

From where I sit, this is the fun part. First, I'll install a custom mobile-responsive theme for your site. Then, I'll add some conversion-focused premium plugins (but not too many, and not ones that will slow down your site), some custom layouts, and refresh your main pages: home, contact, about, and your blog's layout page. I'll also add calls-to-action that lead to the lead-generating opt-in we fleshed out in step one.

Step 3:

optimize for conversions

Is your opt-in attracting enough people to your email list? I'm not here to place bets, but if I were, I'd bet that with my help, you could come up with something that converts better. We'll brainstorm another option and test it with the calls-to-action to see if we can't encourage more people to get into your system.

Step 4:


After you launch your website (either quietly or shouting from the rooftops!), we'll talk about what you need to do in order to increase your revenue. This is another "fun part" for me. It's where I put on my detective hat and look for ways you're leaving money on the table. Then I'll give you the blueprints for you to execute.

Step 5:

(optional) continued support

I'm happy to stay on as your on-call marketer. You can hire me to execute any of the marketing strategies we discussed in the final call. I can build new lead-generating opt-ins, rewrite your email follow-up series, adjust your sales page, write your webinar, swap out some colors... really anything you need!

sarah ensign

“I spent years struggling with my website. I finally decided to switch to WordPress and I immediately felt lost. I knew exactly what I wanted but didn’t know how to get there. I am so grateful I worked with Kathleen! She listened to the specifics I wanted and was able to make them happen for me. And fast! I just wish I had hired her years earlier so I didn’t have to struggle for so long!”

Sarah Ensign, Ensign Insights

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