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Helping experts earn more from their digital products.

Start changing more lives. Start living that passive income dream now. Download the case study that will show you how I helped an entrepreneur make $100,000 in a year on their online course.

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Bethany McCamish

Bethany McCamish,

"Grow your email list" they said. "It's the best thing for your business," they said. But let's be honest. No one wants downloadable PDFs anymore.

"Kathleen helped me create the perfect way to build my email list in a way that still works for me today - over a year later. Literally 97% of my email list is from what she helped me craft. If you want to build your list or just need an idea generator, Kathleen IS your solution. Book her today."


Your Business. My Strategies.

You have a great business. I have great ideas to help you grow. When we get together, magic happens.

You could be booked out by September...

Want to know the difference between a successful digital entrepreneur and one who's struggling?

It's not a lack of ideas. It's not even a lack of follow-through on some of those ideas. It's a special combination of market position, offers, and consistency. Get those nailed, and there's no stopping you.


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    Having content so good, that from the moment your ideal client lands on your page, they KNOW you’re the one who can help them solve their problem

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    Turning your website into a lead generation machine (one that hustles so you don’t have to)

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    Selling out your offers as soon as you launch them

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