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7 Sales page SHORTCUTS

7 sales page SHORTCUTS

7 Sales page SHORTCUTS

  • Anatomy of a sales page that converts

    Anyone can write a sales page. But not everyone can write a sales page that converts.

  • Workbook: 28 Essential sales page elements

    Sales pages are hard to write. Or they were. Until we created this shortcut.

  • 28 Essential sales page elements example

    This takes the workbook and splits it into 28 pieces to show you what your first draft will look like.

  • A live link to the toolkit sales page

    Theory is fine, but checking out the live example helps tremendously.

  • Campaign roadmap

    One place to store all the moving pieces for your campaign.

  • Notes about writing effective sales copy

    All it takes is curiosity + a love of reading. No creativity required.

  • An alternative sales page template

    6 different lead styles... which one will work for you?

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