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Hi, my name is Kathleen. I'm a dork who loves marketing.

I love helping businesses who "really don't like" marketing create a system that brings in more email subscribers, more sales, and more happy customers, but, blissfully runs in the background.

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Everything I've ever done has led me back to lead generation and digital marketing.

I love quizzes right now, and recommend them to just about any business looking to supercharge their email lists, shorten the customer journey, and surprise and delight customers.

They're not the right fit for absolutely every business, though, which is why I created a quiz (of course) to help you determine your next move for lead generation.

We all have our callings, right? This is mine.

My goal is to help business owners get their transformative online courses, membership communities, one-off services into more of the hands that need it most. I'm here to help you make more money, of course, but chances are, you're not just in business to make more money. You created something of value. I want to help you get it into the hands of the people who need it.

More about me

In 2009, during the recession, when things were looking pretty bleak, I registered my first LLC. I called it "Oprime Marketing Group" because my last name (the one I was born with) is O'Malley, and my online moniker at the time was KOPrime, which, yes, is super nerdy.

That company never really got off the ground, although I did get to work on some fun projects. I abandoned it altogether when I found steady work, and didn't think about internet things until 2011, when I woke up on my 30th birthday, deep in credit card debt.

I decided to "write my way out" of debt and started a very personal personal finance blog, Frugal Portland. I'd link to it, but it has long since been sold and the content is no longer mine.

That blog led to all kinds of opportunities. I was a freelance writer for a big company (until they decided they didn't want to cover work and money anymore), and my online presence led to a full-time job working remotely for a company as a blog manager, of all things.

It was amazing to be working in a job (and in an industry) that simply didn't exist when I was born.

After I worked there for about two years, I was ready to start my entrepreneurial journey. So I partnered with a colleague that I'd met through the personal finance community, and we were off!

But this year, I realized something about myself. I couldn't get excited about personal finance anymore. I was tired of it, my friends were better at it, and I couldn't write one more version of "spend less, earn more, invest the difference."

I'd been helping friends with branding and logo design and building marketing systems on the side, and the more I did that, the more I realized where my passion is: in the same place I thought it was when the recession hit in 2009: marketing.

love working in this world.

Other "cat facts" about me

  • I believe that anyone can make a good living online
  • I think the first sip of coffee is the best taste of anything I get all day
  • Yoga is a non-negotiable part of my day
  • I've read all the Pulitzer-prize winning books for fiction/novels, a strange bragging right that means I have a difficult time leaving books unfinished
  • I'm from the Pacific Northwest, but live in the Phoenix area, and I'm starting to really like the desert
  • I think the Stoics were onto something when they realized that the point of life is joy and tranquility
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