Announcing the 2022 business retreat! - Kathleen Celmins

Announcing the 2022 business retreat!

I found an old announcement from early 2020, declaring that year to be the year I was going to finally host an in-person event!

I’d been wanting to host one FOR YEARS, ever since I realized that the people I am closest to are those I’ve bonded with at in-person business events.

Well, I’m not sure whether I have to tell you that 2020 was the wrong year to set an intention for MORE in-person events.

But it’s 2022 now.

And my yearning for in-person connection is stronger than ever.

Plus, I have the SMARTEST friends.

So here’s what we’re going to do:

✨We’re going to an AMAZING house in Scottsdale from November 4-7, 2022

✨We’re going to do some guided writing, some big planning

✨Two ticket options: higher price = learning only, lower price = you’ll teach us something

The idea is to have structure, but not too much structure.

I’m happy to lead some, but not all, sessions.

We have my favorite brand designer in all the land, @bethanyworksdesign, teaching us the impact of branding on your confidence and pricing.

We have @hit_publish, who is a magical blog editor, who will teach us her methods of productivity and perhaps spill the beans on how every blog she’s worked on has been sold for seven figures.

We have room for 13, but if you book early, you can have your pick of rooms.

Those who decide to join us later MIGHT get stuck in a bunk bed situation (which could also be fun!).

We’ll talk pivots, we’ll talk about social media, we’ll dream big and encourage each other.

It’ll be an exclusive mastermind around growing our digital businesses, OUR way.

👉Limited space is available… I’m certain this event will be fully booked before September, so reserve your spot now!

Case study:

How we earned $100,000 in a year on a digital product

Get the three things that made the most difference when we marketed a digital course and it earned $100,000 in just 12 months.

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