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Conversion opportunities for Cozy

What the website says Cozy does As soon as I navigated to Cozy’s website, their value proposition is clear: Cozy does everything you’d need to manage rental properties. I’m not a landlord but the thought of being able to outsource all these tasks is very attractive. Scrolling farther down, the steps are explained really well …

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Conversion opportunities for Bestow

What the website says Bestow does Life insurance without needles! The promise on the Bestow homepage is clear — get life insurance right now — and it won’t be painful in terms of physical pain or expense. There’s even a “get life insurance while you’re thinking about getting life insurance” super short-term policy, which is …

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Conversion Opportunities for Grove

I’ve so thoroughly enjoyed showing my peers where they’re leaving money on the table on their websites that I wanted to continue looking at different websites to see where there are opportunities for conversion. My friend Claudia knows how to get a bunch of traffic to a website through organic search (that’s SEO) and help publishers …

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