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The ultimate guide to webinar marketing: a huge list of strategies

This comprehensive (seriously, so big) guide to webinar marketing is my long-winded response to the question I get from friends, colleagues, and sometimes strangers on Twitter, which is, “why should I implement a webinar marketing strategy?” The answer is simple, and I’ll get into it in further detail down the line, but know this: one…

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Conversion opportunities for Cozy

What the website says Cozy does As soon as I navigated to Cozy’s website, their value proposition is clear: Cozy does everything you’d need to manage rental properties. I’m not a landlord but the thought of being able to outsource all these tasks is very attractive. Scrolling farther down, the steps are explained really well…

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Conversion opportunities for CollegeBacker

What the website says CollegeBacker does At first glance, it looks like something other than a 529, but after reading closer and scrolling a bit, CollegeBacker is a 529 and it makes saving for college look easier than opening a 529. Brilliant. The tagline “you can invest your college savings tax-free and rally your family…

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Conversion opportunities for Bestow

What the website says Bestow does Life insurance without needles! The promise on the Bestow homepage is clear — get life insurance right now — and it won’t be painful in terms of physical pain or expense. There’s even a “get life insurance while you’re thinking about getting life insurance” super short-term policy, which is…

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Conversion Opportunities for Alison's Notebook

Conversion Opportunities for Alison’s Notebook

Alison is a reader who reached out to have me take a look at where she is leaving money on the table. Her website is Alison’s Notebook and she writes about self-care and self-improvement. One of the first things I saw on her site was a pop-up offering a quiz called “How Good Are You…

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