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I bought a pen! And other navel-gazing thoughts

It’s this one, and I couldn’t wait to order it. If you don’t want to click through, but care, here are the specs: Make: Sailor Model: Pro Gear Slim Purple Cosmos Nib: Zoom, basically the adult version of a gel pen I couldn’t wait. Right now, everything in the house is a mess. We’ve packed some of the…

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The Benefits of Minimalism are Apparent When Moving

Every day, for the past two weeks, one of us has driven the car to Goodwill. We take things out of our full truck and put them in the donation station. You know when you’re getting to know someone and you ask them about their hobbies? One of my hobbies is precisely getting rid of…

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How Stanley is Handling Packing

Brent and I met in April 2013. We moved in together in December. That was the first move of… well, let’s count them. 2013: The condo in Sellwood There was a lot to love about this condo, and a lot to not love. It had all new things, plus air conditioning, and a gas stove,…

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Happy Birthday, Mom

Today is my mom’s birthday. She would have been 63 today. It’s really challenging to celebrate a birthday of someone who seriously, by my math, should still be here. But she’s not. There’s no manual on how to grieve for a parent or someone you love. Actually, that might not be true. I’m sure there…

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The fountain pen of my dreams

I fancy myself a writer. Among other things. But this is a story about how a writer (especially a wannabee writer) has a need for a pen. My close friend Amy once worked in a pen store when she had a fabulous life living abroad. So she has a few excellent brands of pens, and…

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