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Conversion Opportunities for Grove

I’ve so thoroughly enjoyed showing my peers where they’re leaving money on the table on their websites that I wanted to continue looking at different websites to see where there are opportunities for conversion. My friend Claudia knows how to get a bunch of traffic to a website through organic search (that’s SEO) and help publishers…

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Where is Amanda Leaving Money on the Table?

Where is Amanda from My Life, I Guess leaving money on the table?

I’m excited to help Amanda from My Life, I Guess find ways to make more money from her blog. She’s been blogging a long time and I can see that there are many ways that she could improve conversions on her blog. Let’s dive in! Homepage The first thing I notice when I land on…

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How I create logos for clients

I just finished a really fun project with a new client, Daniella Flores from I Like to Dabble. She’s already unlocked the “how to get massive traffic to your website” piece of the puzzle, and she came to me looking for a site redesign. She wanted branding, which is an EXCELLENT place to start. We had…

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How Candice Latham can make more money on the internet

Candice runs an amazing design and marketing agency. This is not a typical “let me look at your website” video. She is in the middle of re-doing her website and doesn’t need me to tell her how to improve that since she is a designer. If you work with Candice she will pull together an…

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Where is Paulette Perhach leaving money on the table?

Paulette Perhach is a wonderful writer, one of the best I know in real life. She has two websites, and Welcome to the Writer’s Life is actually a book she wrote in the last year. I bought it and love it! Watch the video below where I discuss the ways I feel Paulette…

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