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A complete marketing + operations system in one day?

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Do you ever feel like you're just a few tweaks away from making more money in your online business?

Those projects that you put at the bottom of your list. You know the ones. They're the ones you plan on getting to someday, but even now, while you're spending more and more of your time in front of your computer, somehow you're still not finding the time to get them done.

And maybe you've wanted to work with someone who gets it, but you've hesitated about cost. Not to mention scope creep.

Imagine this for a second: You book me for a day, and you get to spend six hours with me and my business partner, working on your business. You'll turn off your emails, set an out-of-office if you have to, and you'll roll up your sleeves, and get more done in one day than you've been able to get done in one quarter, or even a year, working on your business alone.

Here are some ideas about what we can accomplish in just one day:


Marketing strategy: We'll figure out exactly where you should focus your effort for the next 6 months.


Content strategy + editorial calendar: While we can't create all your content in one day (we wish!), we can plan exactly what you need to create, and put that into a schedule you can use.


Standard operating procedures: We'll set these up with you, so you can get out of your own way.

When you book us for the day, you're getting our TIME, not a set of deliverables.

Your needs are unique. Your business is unique. Emma and I have been working online for the better part of a decade, and we know how to work fast. We have a seamless workflow, and not one moment will be wasted. You will see results, I just can't say, right now, what they'll be.


Picture yourself on the other end of that screen

What do you want to accomplish? Do you need a new sales page? A new landing page? A revamped webinar slide deck? An email sequence? Ideas for marketing your course?

If it's in our zones of genius, we can help.


Emma was fabulous to work with! She was organized, thorough, and quick. I trusted her to give me guidance on my project and I was very happy with the final results. I would definitely recommend her services!

Danielle Benson

Danielle Benson
Danielle Sara Photography

Not only was Kathleen incredibly professional, efficient, and detailed, but she provided great insight and led me through the creative and decision-making process in order to get just what I was looking for my site. I'll definitely be working with her again in the future.


Ryan Inman
Physician Wealth Services

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