How to deliver compelling "Calls to Action" So You Get More Likes, Replies, and Comments - Kathleen Celmins
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How to deliver compelling “Calls to Action” So You Get More Likes, Replies, and Comments

Compelling calls to action are one of the key components that makes a successful video. (Make sure you learn the other two keys to a successful video!) 

But, how do you create a call to action that gets people to engage with your video? Getting engagement on your videos is an excellent measure of knowing that what you’re saying is resonating and whether anyone hears your message, so it’s important to make sure you have a way to measure it.

What Is A Call To Action?

I worked with a client several months ago, and they kept ending their videos with, “See you next time!” They felt awkward about asking people to do something at the end of their videos because they felt like it was a call to arms. 

If you’re not used to writing web copy that includes a “click here” or asking someone to do something at the end of a video, a call to action can feel bossy and directional. 

But, when you’re talking about something that you’re an expert in, it doesn’t need to be.
When you are thinking about a call to action, just think of it as telling people what you want them to do next. It is a way to move people along in the buyer’s journey and show them what else you have to offer while keeping them engaged and interested.

What Makes A Good Call To Action?

It helps to be specific. 
You can say something like, “If you want to learn more, you can follow me on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook,” especially if you’re focused on growing a specific platform. 

However, giving people many different options to connect with you often means that they’ll do the same thing every time or not do anything at all. 

If you decide to have this type of call to action, make sure you’re instructing your clients to take a “platform agnostic” approach.

A lot of times, you’ll see people use a “platform-first” approach to their call to action, such as “hit the like button,” “subscribe to my channel,” “DM me.” They’ll use language that is specific to a platform. 

You want to make sure that whatever call to action you choose is overarching enough that it can be re-purposed across all the different platforms. 

Two Calls To Action Everyone Should Have

Every video should have one call to action. 

Two of the most common and compelling are “join our mailing list” or”book a call.

The type of call to action depends on the content. 

If your client is doing a video about the end of their sales process and all the questions they get when someone thinks about buying or working with them, the call to action is “book a call.”

Typically this will sound something like, “I offer a 15-minute free call. Click below to book.” 

Then you want to have an easy-to-say and remember URL. That way, no matter where or how the person is watching, they’ll be able to remember it.

“Join our mailing list” is another important call to action to have for your client. Often, people aren’t ready to book a call before having more time to get to know your client and their message.

An opt-in is a great way to get more people on your client’s email list. 

For example, if they are doing a video with four things to know, you could offer a PDF download with ten things to know. That way, people can learn more, your client’s email list can grow, plus, they’ll have another way to end their videos. 

What To Do With Engagement

As you put video content onto the different platforms, you’ll start seeing people engaging with it. 
It’s important to train your client to be on the lookout for those likes and comments. 

It’s not about the amount of engagement you get as much as giving your client a chance to engage and connect with those potential clients. 

The point of the content you’re creating isn’t getting likes or shares. The purpose is to show people what it’s like to work with your client. That should also be the focus of your call to action.   

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