Can Video Content Generate Leads? - Kathleen Celmins
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Can Video Content Generate Leads?

As the CEO of Amplified NOW, I’m often asked whether video content can generate leads. I usually just want to say, “Yes, next question,” but instead, I’ll tell you why.

Measuring Video Marketing Success

I was recently talking with a potential client, and they were asking whether choosing to go with video-first marketing would generate leads and make the most impact.

Because I run a video-first content agency, I, of course, believe in the power of video. 

I think it demonstrates authenticity and authority in a way that written content can’t. I also have found video to be an effective and efficient way to make the most of your time and effort when it comes to marketing.

But, like anything with marketing, it can be a little bit hard to measure the exact number and value of the leads generated. 

You can count the number of leads that come in, but will those leads be better qualified? Will your sales process be shorter and more efficient, allowing you to save time and convert more clients with video marketing?

If you’re giving away an iPad, for example, you might get a lot of leads, but how many of them are the right fit for you or your client? Likewise, you might add people to your email list through tactics like that, but how many of those people will read your emails or end up buying from you?

The Value of Video Marketing

When someone asks whether video marketing is effective, they are sometimes trying to talk themselves out of doing it because they think it sounds complicated or intimidating. However, there are so many types of videos you can make that benefit your potential clients. 

Some examples include: 

  • Educational videos 
  • Comparison videos
  • Demonstration videos
  • Buyer’s journey videos

This type of content is often difficult to replicate in any other way but video. If someone were just to write out a description of their product or service or give a step-by-step written guide to using their product, it could often come across as dry or confusing.

Video lets you meet your prospects at every stage of the buyer’s journey and create connection and trust. In addition, it makes your sales process more automated without making it robotic or dependent on cold outreach.

The Way of the Future

It can be hard to present your client with exact statistics for how video helps with lead generation. There are all kinds of data you can look at, but a lot of it is dated. The world is a different place than it was even just a few years ago regarding online stuff. 

Today more than ever, because of the Coronavirus Pandemic, we find ourselves in front of a screen watching more video content than ever before. We believe some of those pandemic habits and practices will stick around in the future. 

It is an important and exciting time to begin using video marketing or offering it to your clients. More and more, we see people using video to make buying decisions, so it’s crucial to add video to your marketing before you get left behind by the competition.

Creating A Video Marketing Process

Another reason people ask if video marketing generates leads is that they want to know if it will be worth the effort. 

The real secret is that it’s not as much effort as you might think. 

When you have a strong process that makes it easy to record and re-purpose your video across different places on the internet, you get such a great return on your time. 

For our clients, one video generates 27 pieces of content, both written and video, that they can use for weeks or months to come. 

So, without a considerable time investment, you can establish your authority and amplify your message to generate more leads and reach more people that can truly benefit from your offer.

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