Business and marketing coaching

For ambitious entrepreneurs who are ready to level up.

You're a digital entrepreneur with an offer that changes lives.

You've been the CEO (and almost all the other roles) of your business for the last couple years. You've unlocked some of the "secret internet codes" of how to make money online.

You're making six figures (or close to it).

You're building a reputation around your expertise.

The work you do matters. You're changing lives and improving the world the best way you know how.

But maybe you're not so great at working on the right things.

It's not that you're slacking off — far from it — but you're pretty sure the things you're working on aren't the things that will level up your business fastest.

You have ideas for new offers, but you're so busy working in your business that you can't even begin to consider what it might be like to work on your business.

To take the time to step back and evaluate your next move.

You're pulled in so many different directions that even when you do have a moment where you can reflect, you get overwhelmed by analysis paralysis and can't decide which thing needs your focus most.

Sometimes you wish someone would tell you what your business needs.

You're close — so close — to unlocking the secret to doing work you love, with people you like, on terms you create that your daydreams drift sometimes into strange places.

You aren't wishing for a boss, no.

But you'd like a guide. Someone who can see the gaps for what they are. Someone to hold you accountable. Someone to help you focus on the things that will move the needle while gently (or not-so-gently) steering you away from the shiny objects that threaten to pull you away from your core.

You need more than some motivational quotes.

"Be yourself!"

"Double your rates!"

You're tired of one-size-fits-everyone else solutions.

Because if you could build your business based on inspirational quotes, you'd be on the other side, tweeting vague "go for it!" quotes and watching your stuff go viral.

Instead, you're spinning your wheels.

You've reached the edge of your comfort zone.

And it doesn't feel like you're growing. It feels like you're stagnating.

Like all you'll ever do is client work.

Like you're stuck.

But this is the plot twist.

If your life were a story, this is the part right before something big happens.

And it will. But leveling up requires work.

You need to take a step back.

You need to look at your business from the outside.

Dream about not only the business you want to build, but the legacy you'll leave behind one day.

Get ready to fall back in love with your business.

  • Get paid for the hours you put into building your expertise, not just the hours it takes you to finish your thing
  • Take a look at your business model and make sure it aligns with the life (not just the business) you're building
  • Stop taking on work that doesn't light you up and leave room for the projects you love
  • Start attracting clients you really want to work with
  • Make more money without buying into the damaging "who needs sleep?" hustle culture

Build a business you don't want to retire from.

Hi, I'm Kathleen.


I work with entrepreneurs who are doing their part to make the world a better place. They're not afraid to work hard, and they're ready to level up in every measurable way.

They're ready to run their businesses again, even thought they've spent longer than they'd like to admit allowing their businesses to run them.

We work together to create a map. We start with the destination, then work backwards from there to figure out the best (fastest, easiest, least stressful) way to get there.

Ready? Let's do this.

I want to help you create a bigger splash. I want your course, your membership platform, your service in the hands of as many people as possible.

I've worked with dozens of other entrepreneurs like you and helped them create amazing results.

My process works. And it won't overwhelm you.

Keep scrolling and decide how you want to work together.

From idea to offer: One-on-one coaching

We'll go at your pace: six 90-minute calls over six months, or six 90-minute calls over three months.

This is for the entrepreneur who doesn't want to follow a set program. In the one-on-one program, we're focusing on you. What do you need the most help with?