Coaching bundle - Kathleen Celmins

Coaching bundle (conveniently in Notion!)

Template + swipe file bundle to help you create a new revenue stream based solely on your ideas and expertise

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    Individual coaching playbook

    Comprehensive playbook

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    Group coaching playbook

    Comprehensive playbook

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    101 coaching questions

    Open-ended questions to ask

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    General flow of a two-hour intensive

    To show you how you can set your own up

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    Group program income calculator

    You might be surprised at how much money you can make establishing a group coaching program

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"I was shocked at the pure volume of resources here! Everything I needed to get my business up and running. No matter what topic you need help with as an entrepreneur, chances are pretty good there's a template, checklist, or cheat sheet that covers it."

-Jessie, new business owner

"This is pure gold. Each bundle is worth so much more than you're charging."

-Kayla, established business owner

"I have all the tools I need to start quickly and efficiently - without reinventing the wheel."

-Sarah, new business owner

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