Conversion Opportunities for Alison's Notebook - Kathleen Celmins
Conversion Opportunities for Alison's Notebook

Conversion Opportunities for Alison’s Notebook

Alison is a reader who reached out to have me take a look at where she is leaving money on the table. Her website is Alison’s Notebook and she writes about self-care and self-improvement.

One of the first things I saw on her site was a pop-up offering a quiz called “How Good Are You at Taking Care of Yourself?” I love that she puts her quiz front and center because quizzes usually have a really good conversion rate.

Side note: I LOVE Alison’s logo! Such a fun, colorful design!

Alison's Notebook

Alison has a newsletter sign up in the sidebar that offers a Self Care Toolkit. If she doesn’t already, I’d have her add a landing page for the opt-in as well.

There are three main ways of making money from your blog. Ads, affiliate links and your own digital products.

Alison has ads on her site from a company called Mediavine so she is already making some money there. And she must have a significate amount of traffic if she qualified for Mediavine.  She also has an affiliate disclosure in her sidebar so she must be using affiliate links in her posts.

Alison's Notebook

Originally, I didn’t see a digital product on her site. I talked about ways Alison could add a product by focusing on her most popular posts and creating something that supplemented that. I also suggested that it can be good to have an offer that doesn’t scale in the beginning. Focusing on helping people one on one with an issue can be a great way to really get to know your audience and their pain points.

But, just as I was about to leave her site, I found a link to her shop in the top menu. I was looking for a product and I missed the link, so I’m guessing most people miss it!

Alison's Notebook

Once clicking through I found that Alison has a great digital product called “Self-Care Spree.” This needs to be front and center!

I’m guessing that the quiz results will lead to this product (if it doesn’t, it should!) but I think she should add graphic and link in the sidebar as well.

Self Care Spree

The other link on the shop page is an Amazon link to a book. Just a quick tip for that, make sure it opens in a new page! You don’t want to lose readers to scrolling on Amazon.

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