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Conversion opportunities for Bestow

What the website says Bestow does

Life insurance without needles! The promise on the Bestow homepage is clear — get life insurance right now — and it won’t be painful in terms of physical pain or expense. There’s even a “get life insurance while you’re thinking about getting life insurance” super short-term policy, which is an interesting angle.

Bestow Insurance Homepage

Conversion opportunities

Test having the quote form on the home page

Instead of a “Let’s Get Started” button that leads to a page that looks remarkably similar (but not identical) to the home page, test to see if conversion rates increase by having the quote form on the right-hand side of the page.

I had to click three times to get to the application. That’s a lot of clicking for something that is supposed to be simple. Since you’re selling simplicity, adding the application to the home pages might increase conversions.

Increase the size of the video or eliminate it altogether

The “How We Work” video is way too small. If you want people to click it, increase the size to 640×360. If you don’t want people to click it, get rid of it, and convey the information in text.

Swap out the static image for a gif

Or make the screen change when someone hovers over different parts. If you really can get life insurance on your phone, show the whole application process.

People want to know what to expect during the application process and if that graphic could cover the process and set expectations I think you’d get more conversions.

Change the language on the 2-year term option

Scrolling down, I thought, “for people who have dangerous jobs? Going abroad? What is this?” so instead of two-year, change the heading to something more like “while you’re figuring out what you need” so you don’t get people to make the same mistakes assuming as I did.

Redesign the testimonials

These testimonials aren’t easy to read and the pictures are so pixelated that they don’t look like they belong to real people. Consider a slider and bigger font to make them easier to read and get higher-quality images from your happy customers.

Bestow has a great website with nice graphics, and simple to use interface. I think they can improve the user experience by moving the application to the home page and spelling out exactly what the application process entails. By focusing on what a person looking for insurance will want to know more, they can increase the click rate and conversions.

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