Conversion opportunities for Cozy - Kathleen Celmins

Conversion opportunities for Cozy

What the website says Cozy does

As soon as I navigated to Cozy’s website, their value proposition is clear: Cozy does everything you’d need to manage rental properties. I’m not a landlord but the thought of being able to outsource all these tasks is very attractive.

Scrolling farther down, the steps are explained really well — but it leads me to wonder — why is all of this free? Where’s the catch?

Let’s dive in a little deeper and see what we can find out!

Conversion opportunities

Test a different above-the-fold call-to-action

There is data to suggest that having a button instead of a name field converts better. Test GET STARTED without a form field — create a modal popup instead. It seems like you’re asking for email addresses too soon without enough information.

This company looks like everything I’d want as a landlord, but having to create an account to learn more turns me off. I want all my questions answered BEFORE giving you my email address.

Build trust through more transparent language about pricing on the home page

The pricing page is really clear, so simply adding for landlords to the free language on Cozy’s home page will help people understand that there’s no other shoe about to drop will help build trust.

The pricing information could be added to the homepage to give it more credibility off the bat. No question about what I’d be charged if I used your service.

Make the Demo video tighter and add more webinars

The Demo link opens up a new page that gives you the ability to sign-up for a webinar. But the webinars are few and far between. I’d add more opportunities to view the webinar, even make it on demand.

Below this, you have an eight-minute video but I think you could make that much tighter so people could get a quick rundown of how you work.

Final thoughts

I’d test changing the button at the top of the homepage to read, “How is it free?” and have it link to the pricing page. Pricing is always someone’s first question and this will help you get people further into your site and answer their burning questions.

Get real clear on pricing on the homepage, test out adding more webinars and make your video shorter and more too the point.

I hope this helped Cozy create more conversion opportunities!

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