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How to Use the Copy Blocks System to Write Sales Copy Fast

If you’ve ever struggled to write compelling sales copy, let me introduce you to the Copy Blocks System, pioneered by my business partner, Emma.

Writing sales copy for something you created yourself is really challenging.

You want to justify every single little thing you added.

You want to prove to your audience that you should be trusted, so you write about all your qualifications.

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And your self-written sales page?

Doesn’t inspire anyone to complete a purchase.

Enter: The Copy Blocks System

You know how filling out forms is easy, and starting from scratch is… well, not?

That’s the problem Copy Blocks aims to solve.

Emma put together this system to solve a particularly painful problem for herself: after putting together a product she’d been told was amazing, she kept running into writer’s block when it came to finishing her sales page.

So she shelved it for a while. 

She allowed other priorities to take precedence. 

Got caught up on client work.

Until a well-meaning business bestie asked why she hadn’t seen anything about her new product.

So she pulled it out, remembered that it did in fact solve one sticky problem for her audience, and attempted to write another sales page.

It wasn’t long before she hit another wall.

So she hired a copywriting coach. One who charged her a lot for his expertise, but who gave her basically a graduate-level course in writing compelling sales copy.

She, being Emma, turned that knowledge into a system.

And now?

We’ve had 971 people enroll in the Copy Blocks System. 

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How the Copy Blocks System works

There’s a lot in the Copy Blocks System.

My favorite part of it, though, is the pre-work. The sections before the blocks themselves.

Sales copy, and really all of sales and marketing altogether, is all about…

Solving a particular problem

For a particular type of person. (Hat tip: Ian Altman for this framework.)

So Emma spends the first part of the Copy Blocks System going deep into the second part of that. Your solution solves a problem, but for who?

It’s hard for me to figure that out on a one-off basis. I end up with generic answers about people who wear Nike Shoes and drink Starbucks.

But the questions in the Copy Blocks System goes a lot deeper than that.

In the Copy Blocks System, Emma asks a lot of different questions that force you to really think about who your ideal client is. By the time you’re through that section, you can almost visualize who you’re talking to in your sales copy.

You don’t even get to the Copy Blocks until you’re about halfway through, but don’t skip the early parts.

Because once you have what amounts to a database of who your customers are and the kind of language they use, the rest of the sales page is easy.

But the beauty of the Copy Blocks System is that you don’t even realize you’re writing sales copy until it’s basically done.

Then you can use the templates (for Beaver Builder and Elementor) that come with the Copy Blocks System and simply copy and paste your answers to the blocks, and bam!

You have a sales page.

Who would benefit the most from Copy Blocks

If you’re willing to hire a copywriter, do that. It’s the more expensive way to do it, but it’s hands off. Exchange money and you’re done. Some copywriters will even do the design.

But if you’re a solo entrepreneur or you have a really small team, and you’re running a digital business, you really need to learn how to write sales copy.

Because if this is your first sales page, I can pretty well guarantee you that it won’t be your last.

Plus, it’s not just your sales page that needs to be written, it’s everything else: landing pages, ads, emails, copy for your social media profiles, everything.

So it’s worth investing the time and energy to get better at writing sales copy.

What you can expect from the Copy Blocks System

You can expect to be taken, step-by-step, through the psychology and then the tactical, practical writing of your sales page.

You can use the system time and time again, answering each question anew or reusing the system from the first time, and refining it for every sales page you have.

Even if you don’t want to use Emma’s Copy Blocks System, it’s worth thinking about sales copy in an entirely new way

Don’t reinvent the wheel. Don’t start every piece of sales copy from scratch. Don’t write more than your reader needs.

Remember: even though you created the thing you’re selling, your sales page isn’t about you. It isn’t about the way you came about it.

Writing a sales page is talking to someone who has the problem your product or service solves, and letting them decide if your solution is the best.

Again, many creators get caught up on the wrong things. They think they need to over-explain the product. They want to get into the weeds about what’s included. How many modules, how much time went into the creation process. 

But when you solve a problem for someone, especially a sticky problem that they’re struggling with on their own, none of the rest of it matters.

This idea should carry through to your product or service, too.

No one needs you to prove that you have the answers. They don’t need the how or why.

They need to channel your intelligence, your problem-solving skills, your ability to distill all your knowledge into a shortcut that they can take.

To get them to a solution faster.

How to get the Copy Blocks System for yourself

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