You've just spent the last several weeks, months, or ... years perfecting your digital product. Maybe it's a course. Maybe it's an online membership. Maybe it's a one-hour consultation.


But hang on just a second, because you're not done.

dabble media toolkit
Candice Marie

A sales page that convinces your audience to buy is hard to write, especially if you're the creator of the product or service. There are 28 essential elements to every single sales page, and this interactive workbook addresses them all.

An effective webinar is one of the best tools in a marketer's arsenal. But figuring out how to present a webinar, and effectively transitioning from teaching to selling, is a challenge for anyone. That's why we created this package of templates and swipe files.

Some people will buy or book a call right after they've joined your list, but the vast majority won't. That's why you need to write a series of emails with stronger-than-you-might-be-comfortable-with sales language.

dabble media toolkit
Anne Keery