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In ten minutes, I can find three projects that will move the needle for your business. In 90 minutes, I can craft a plan to get you there.

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You know your offer (product or service) is great, but you don't know why it's not selling.

You've done what "they" say you should do: you poured your heart and soul into creating a digital product or service that changes peoples lives.

So why aren't you living the dream with your laptop on the beach yet?

Your friends with offers (that you know, deep down, aren't somehow better than yours) are living the dream...

... while you keep spinning your wheels, doing work you don't love in order to keep your business going.

It seemed so easy when you visualized this. Your idea was going to change peoples lives. You were going to make your corner of the world better for the people in it.

But somehow, things are harder now than they initially seemed.

You've found some success, but you don't know how to replicate it, and you don't know how to scale what you've already done.

You're starting to worry that your business isn't going to work.

You're working hard. You're doing everything you can to make an impact and make a living for yourself and your family.

You know you're capable of the wild success you see others discuss, but you can't figure out how to get there.

You start looking for the thing you're missing. Maybe it's an intense tactic you haven't tried yet.

Don't give up yet!

You are so much closer to success than you imagine. You've been working so hard in your business that you haven't taken a minute to step back and work ON your business. But you're willing and determined to make your business work.

You need someone to tell you where you've gone wrong, so you can adjust your course before it's too late.

You're really good at what you do. I'm not just saying that, it's something you know, deep in your bones. You're an expert. You've put in your 10,000 hours (or more) understanding the ins and outs of your topic, developing a solution that changes lives. You've seen the transformative power of your offer first hand, and seeing how it impacts the lives of people who go through it is why you created it in the first place.

You've done the hard work of creating something life changing. Now it's time to change your life, too.

You can see a day, in the not-so-distant future where people come to you for your particular skillset. They need what you have, and you didn't have to chase them and convince them!

Financial freedom. Fulfilling work. A schedule that doesn't scream burn out. Life by design.

It's nearer than you think.

Success isn't just for other people. It's for you, too. You just need a second set of eyes to help you map out your plan to get there.


I can help you.

I work with entrepreneurs who have a digital offer (a course, a membership program, a consultation, a coaching package, mentorship, design, you name it) that isn't getting as much traction as they know it can.

They don't know where to go from here, and they end up spinning their wheels.

What they (and maybe you) need is someone with some insider marketing knowledge to give them a plan, with next steps.

That's my specialty, and that's what this call is all about: figuring out how to take what you already have and use it to get back on track.

Here's what happens during a deep dive:

  • Assess where you are.

    We ask a lot of detailed questions in our survey about where you are now, and what you've done to get to this point.

  • Map out the next three or four projects that will really move the needle.

    This is my favorite part! With your amazing stuff and my knowledge of marketing strategy, we're going to find the things in your business that will make the biggest impact.

  • Prioritize your quickest win.

    Knowing which projects to do is often overwhelming. This is where we find the one thing for you to do directly after the call that will make the biggest impact.

  • Plan your next two weeks.

    On our call, we'll map out your next two weeks, so you'll leave our call knowing exactly what to do to move the needle.

  • Check back in.

    The last step in our 90-minute call is to set up our next call, two weeks later, where I'll check in with you to see how it went! It'll be a grown-up version of "show and tell" and you'll tell me where you're going to take your business from here.

Ready? Great! Here's what to do.

  • 1

    Fill out the form and make your payment.

    Fill out the questionnaire as completely and honestly as possible, then make your payment.

  • 2

    Sign up for a time that works for you.

    Make sure you book a time where you can give this your full attention. Give yourself the gift of time and the space to make it all possible.

  • 3

    Build your plan!

    During the deep dive, we'll make a plan. Part of it is long term, but there will be a handful of things you can do right after we're done with our call that will move the needle for you and your business. You'll get homework and we'll set up a time to talk two weeks later.

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