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Get all the email automation templates that will jumpstart your marketing.

Email automation templates

Templates that help you create emails that convert

  • Email zero

    The first email you'll send when someone joins your mailing list.

  • One-off email

    What to say when you want to invite your list to your on-demand webinar

  • Email sequence

    How to warm up the people who have signed up for your webinar

  • Email sequence

    How to go from webinar to sales

  • The exact email sequence we used once

    In case you need to see something real (verses fill-in text)

  • Email sequence

    Send this sequence to your list when you want to promote a sale you just came up with

  • Email sequence

    Send this sequence to your list when you're about to be charged more by your email software and want to clean up your list (and increase open rates!)

  • 10+ cold email templates

    Ideas of what to say in different circumstances when you'd want to send a cold email

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