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I just launched a new resource: Digital Marketing Template Library

Make more money on your thing.

Webinars, sales pages, email sequences and simple web designs for online business owners.

Live webinar blueprint with all the links

Webinar Success Checklist

There are a bunch of different pieces to a successful webinar, and they exist across a variety of platforms. Download this checklist to make sure you're not missing any!

You're a digital entrepreneur with a product or service that will change lives.

...and you want to use the power of your platform to get your offer into the hands of people who need it most.

Let's face it, you need MORE.

More leads. More prospects. Better prospects. More sales.

You're spending too much time doing work that doesn't light you up in order to keep your lights on.

You know you need some sort of marketing engine, but where do you turn?

Facebook ads? More LinkedIn connections? Quotes on Instagram? Rants on Twitter? How is any of that connected to your business?

The thing is, if you throw tactics at the wall, some might stick, most won't, and you'll run yourself into the ground thinking that there's something wrong with the thing you created.

If you're reading this, you don't have a product problem. You have a marketing problem.

There's a lot of noise on the internet now, which means that excellent, life-changing offers like yours will get drowned out without a reliable marketing system. It's getting harder and harder to stand out from the crowd, and relying on organic traffic is a bet you don't have time to see play out.

But marketing systems -- regardless of what the gurus might want you to believe -- are really not that hard to implement.

kayla sloan coaching testimonial

"Immediately after I started working with Kathleen, my email subscribers jumped. I now get 6X as many email subscribers every single day! My revenue also increased and went from inconsistent sales to regular, consistent income I can count on. Thanks Kathleen!"

Kayla Sloan, KaylaSloan.com

the dirty little secret

other marketers don't want you to know

Most marketing strategies being taught today are not geared for solo entrepreneurs. They assume that you have some sort of marketing team.

A quick internet search will show you that you have to do all kinds of marketing tasks you hate in order to get ahead: writing sales-oriented blog posts, starting a podcast, uploading 500 videos (well-edited, don't forget!) to YouTube, figuring out SEO, throwing money at paid ad campaigns, write a book, speak at 100 conferences, put together your own conference, doing PR, writing press releases, getting local media attention, writing guest posts...

Thank goodness you don't have to do ANY of that to make your living online.

In fact, you don't even need a huge list. I know plenty of people who make enviable income with not-at-all brag-worthy email subscribers.

We get so lost sometimes chasing things that don't matter -- Facebook likes, Instagram followers, website page views -- that we forget to measure the important things.

Like how to get more people to buy what you're selling.

Quit playing work, and start bringing in more subscribers, customers, and sales.


“Kathleen was incredible. I reached out to her last minute to help create a landing page and email sequence for the holiday season and not only did she turn it around in record time, it was extremely well thought out and beautifully executed. I am so pleased with the results (160 new sign-ups over the holiday weekend!) and excited to put it all to work!”

Bola Sokunbi, Clever Girl Finance

Working with me is different.

kathleen celmins hero image

Hi, I'm Kathleen.

I teach my clients proven marketing strategies that elevate them to thought-leader status in their industries.

And I give them everything they need – email templates, call-to-action templates, ready-made registration and thank-you pages, webinar slide deck templates – to make an immediate impact.


"Kathleen and her team were so easy to work with. I gave them a chicken scratch concept and they turned it into exactly what I wanted."

Michael Riscica, Young Architect

Plus, the mindset support and accountability you need to get your ideas out of your head and into the world.

I want to help you create a bigger splash. I want your course, your membership platform, your service in the hands of as many people as possible.

I've worked with dozens of other entrepreneurs like you and helped them create amazing results.

My process works. And it won't overwhelm you.

Sign up for my next live training, then book a call to learn about the exact process I use to help my clients dramatically grow their businesses by positioning them as experts and thought leaders.

No messenger bots required.

Ready? Book your free 15-minute strategy session today.

Live webinar blueprint with all the links

Webinar Success Checklist

There are a bunch of different pieces to a successful webinar, and they exist across a variety of platforms. Download this checklist to make sure you're not missing any!

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