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How Candice Latham can make more money on the internet

Candice runs an amazing design and marketing agency. This is not a typical “let me look at your website” video. She is in the middle of re-doing her website and doesn’t need me to tell her how to improve that since she is a designer.

Candice Latham

If you work with Candice she will pull together an Instagram strategy and provide “Done for You” Instagram content. She has really good testimonials already, which always help sales!

She is talking about too much on one page. If the focus is Instagram, then she needs to only talk about Instagram on that page.

The Latham Agency

Also, not everyone watches video, so she should have the basic case study spelled out for those people to read.

With the income goals that Candice shared with me, she should basically turn her new website into a sales page for this service.

On additional idea is to add a referral program for current clients. Ask them to refer you to new people and tell them that you’ll give them $X for each new client who signs on.

I know that Candice also just bought my template bundle of all the pieces of a live webinar, which will help her get in front of people and explain her services.

Posting with a Purpose

What does Candice need to do?

First, she needs to focus her sales page to be about one thing, Instagram.

Second, she needs to have more written content on that page for people who don’t want to watch videos.

And third, she should start a referral program for current clients.

I think Candice can reach her income goals easily if she does these three things on her new website.

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