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How Long Does a Marketing Engine Work For You?

I love building marketing engines for clients. Marketing engines include a website, but mostly we focus on the:

  • Lead magnet
  • Email sequence
  • Sales page
  • Registration page

Plus, there’s all the stuff that goes along with getting somebody to sign up for something for free and then turning them into a paid customer.

Earlier this week, I had a really cool call with a client who had enlisted my services for both her website and her lead magnet. Her lead magnet included an on-demand webinar where she talked through her topic for 25 minutes.

She stood in her expertise and talked about her method and how people can take that method and use it on their own stuff for free.

We had a call recently and she asked if maybe we should change things up. Here’s what happened.

My Client Was Getting Too Many Sales Calls

Normally, this is a good problem to have but for my client this wasn’t the case. Here’s why. My client was receiving too many unqualified sales calls. So people would come to her site expecting her service to somehow be free or cheaper than it was.

She would spend an hour talking to them, only to find out that they didn’t have a budget. So when we redesigned her website we said, okay, they can’t contact you, there’s not going to be a contact form available and they can’t book a call for free anymore.

Instead, we’re just going to send everyone through this sales page sequence. It was up for 6 weeks and it wasn’t converting. So we talked and my suggestion was to add back in the contact form. However, this time we’d add it back in after people can see the whole process and know that there are price points associated with that process.

Within two weeks, she started getting more what we used to call marketing- or sales-qualified leads booking calls. To her, they came out of nowhere, but that’s because she has a content marketing strategy that is working for her in the background.

On-Demand Webinar Marketing is Truly a Gift

One of the things that I think is really interesting is that my client is very process-oriented. So she was really worried that the on-demand webinar we built was still sending people to a sales page. To that, I said: “I don’t think we should change that. First of all, you don’t want to record it again.”

An hour after our call, she emailed me with an expletive– holy something!!! and she said: “somebody went through my sequence and bought and I looked her up, and she joined my email list a week ago. So the opt-in on my home screen or maybe the exit-intent pop up (we don’t know which one) got her to join the list. She read all the emails and she booked a call. Not only did she book a call, but because we didn’t change anything in the email sequence, she paid. She’s a paying customer.”

All this is to say that webinar marketing absolutely still works. This client has been a little hesitant to send paid traffic to her registration page. So the people that are opting in are the people that are finding her through an organic search for her keywords (maybe some blog content) or they say that somebody referred them.

Something, somehow, they got onto her site. Not through paid ads, but some other organic or referral source.

Key Takeaway

When you build a marketing engine, it works for you way after you have set it up and hit go.

If you want to build a marketing engine that runs in the background, fill out my contact form here. I’d love to talk to you!

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