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How to pivot when people aren’t listening to podcasts

Across the board podcast downloads are down but page views are up.

Today I want to talk about pivoting your business for the moment. Podcast downloads are down, but page views are up. That’s probably not true if your podcast is about the current crisis – but remember, where do people listen to podcasts? On their commutes. On their long runs. When they’re doing their sets at the gym. All of that. People are not going to those places and they are not listening to podcasts. So, right now,  transition.

Absolutely continue putting out your podcast.

Make sure though that you also have something that people can consume while they’re sitting in front of their computer. If that means recording yourselves doing your audio because people are watching videos – do that. If it means turning your content into a blog post that people can read – meaning do better than just this transcription where it’s just a big wall of text – do that. But turn your audio into something that people can digest the way that they’re digesting their content right now.

If you want help with that, my biggest recommendation is That is a really good way to start your transcription, and then you can turn it into a blog post using your finesse. And then, while people are on your site, capture them. Create a new lead magnet.  Give them a .pdf checklist of all the things they might need. It doesn’t take very long to put together and growing your list is always a good idea.

Need help getting this all put together? Book a call with me and we’ll figure out a plan!

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