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How to Reach Your Ideal Customer

In the past, one of the best ways to reach your ideal customer was to attend networking events and pass out business cards. You may have been able to run into someone who was your ideal customer at these events which could present a great opportunity for a follow-up.

Another popular method that some of us tried was joining the lead groups at the Chamber of Commerce. There, you could talk about the problems you helped solve and see if anyone else in the chamber would be a good connection to have. Would you find your ideal customer there necessarily? Not always.

Those days are pretty much gone. Or at least they’re gone for right now. The most networking I’ve done these days is via Zoom and I’m sure I’m not the only one. Often times, Zoom isn’t a place to pitch your services. If you can’t do in person networking, and you can’t do outreach on zoom, then what are you left with?

Cold Pitches Don’t Always Work Either

A lot of people say they’re going to do email marketing or LinkedIn outreach. Just out of curiosity, how many cold outreaches have you been on the receiving end of that have made you feel anything other than annoyed? I’m sure you could count it on both hands.

You’re annoyed by someone reaching out with either the wrong industry or the wrong type of pitch. Or maybe they’re pitching something that you’ll never use or have no interest in. If you agree with me that in-person networking is not always as efficient as it’s been made out to be, and you don’t want to cold pitch on LinkedIn, you’ll have to get in front of people another way. Ideally through content.

Reach Your Ideal Customer Through Amazing Content

You answer people’s questions through content. So instead of handing someone a business card that they’re probably just going to throw away anyway, get their attention, and start talking about their pain points.

You talk about the problems that you’ve solved. You get in front of people when they’re scrolling and all of a sudden, people are coming to you. And you didn’t have to use a business card.

I know I’m picking on business cards, but the point is, if you are in a service industry, a company where a new customer to you is worth $10,000 or $15,000 a year, then it’s worth it to invest in content marketing.

Authentic Content Will Attract Authentic Leads and Customers

The thing is, your content has a far reach and people consume so much content daily. Your content can be shared in a video which can then be shared on other platforms. That video can also be turned into a blog post for people who prefer written content. Or, it can be broken into clips to share on apps like TikTok. There are so many possibilities these days when it comes to being able to reach your ideal customer.

Most people are hanging out online and the key is just to find out which platforms they’re using. You don’t even have to worry about sending the awkward pitch or trying to strike up a relevant conversation at networking events.

Let your content speak for itself as you share your expertise and address real issues that someone viewing your content may be facing. Once your video, blog post, etc. effectively provides them with a solution, you build trust and can even book more discovery calls or get new sign-ups for your offer.

My company helps with this and I would love to help you reach your ideal customer. Head over to our contact page to book a call!

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