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HypeFury Review: The #1 Twitter Scheduler for Those Who Hate Scheduling Social Media

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This is probably something I shouldn’t admit, given what I do for a living, but I don’t like social media.

I don’t like how I feel addicted to it, I don’t like that it often makes me feel worse about something (my appearance, my business, where I am in life compared to other people I used to know), and the thing I dislike most about it is how it makes me behave around the people I care about most.

To that end, I’ve removed all social media from my phone. First was Facebook. That was easy. Then, Twitter. Slightly harder. Then Instagram, which I thought I needed to help create captions on the computer.

A few days ago, I found myself scrolling through NextDoor, and realized I had to delete it, too.

Then when I found myself scrolling through LinkedIn on a Sunday morning, I nearly threw my phone across the room.

What I wanted to do was throw myself across the room.

So, after removing the LinkedIn app from my phone, I found myself…

… well, stressed out. Looking for a fix.

I even went so far as to remove all email from my phone.

It took a few days for me to realize that the point of my phone was to connect me more with people I love.

So I sent more text messages. Had more FaceTime conversations.

And now, several weeks later, I’m finding that I don’t so much care what I miss if I’m offline for a few hours or days at a time.

Because what I’m gaining is more important than anything I’m missing.

However, if a piece of business content gets created and doesn’t get amplified, did it even get created at all?

We’re WAY past the days of being able to publish and hope that your content will get found.

So what are you supposed to do? Amplify your content on social media.

If you don’t use Twitter, feel free to stop reading now.

But if you use Twitter, A) follow me (I’m @kathleencelmins), and B) At least do the two-week trial of HypeFury.

Here’s the short version of why:

I haven’t had this much fun on social media in an entire decade.

If you’re convinced, take the two-week trial for a spin. They’ll give you all the bells and whistles for 14 days, then you can decide whether you want to keep it up.

I did. In fact, during my trial period, I ended up scheduling my social media for a month, without even tracking how long it took me.

This is not normal for me.

Typically, it’s a full-on drag-through-the-mud slog, where I’m counting every minute, rewarding myself for every single thing I’ve scheduled with Halloween candy that really should have been tossed long before, and whining at anyone who will listen about just how hard I have it.

What is HypeFury?

In short, HypeFury is a Twitter-first social media scheduling tool.

The reason I wouldn’t recommend it to someone who doesn’t use Twitter is due to that fact: it’s Twitter first. Not Twitter ONLY, but definitely Twitter first.

Let me show you what I mean.

When you log in, you’re taken directly to your queue (which, interestingly enough, is the only thing you see when you use the HypeFury app on your phone, so it’s not a backchannel to scrolling Twitter on mobile):

What’s in my queue isn’t very interesting, but the above screenshot should be.


Well, for one, it’s the EXACT OPPOSITE of a blank screen.

So, let’s say you’re feeling the guilt of not having posted anything lately. If you go to Twitter through almost any other platform (third-party or not), you’ll get confronted with a slew of clever people posting clever things.

And you’ll feel a certain way.

HypeFury won’t do that to you.

In fact, you can’t get to the main Twitter feed through HypeFury.

It’s not for that.

It’s for you…sharing your stuff with the world.

Let’s look at some of their advice. How about templates?

Hmm, I’m starting to feel inspired.

Let’s see.

The biggest success hack is not KNOWLEDGE, it’s…

Oh! Got it.

Here’s how it works:

See how easy that was?

I put a tweet in my queue, and also added it to both Instagram and Facebook with just one click.

So if you clicked around to find other tweet suggestions, you could easily schedule your week in just a few minutes.

HypeFury makes Twitter Threads Easy

Twitter threads are everywhere. They’re a great way to grow your Twitter audience and build your authority.

The problem, though, is creating threads natively on Twitter itself is either very complicated or I am not very good at doing it.

It’s probably the latter, but let’s just say it’s a combination of both.

But, with this tool, it’s super easy to create one.

You simply copy and paste your post into the compose window and boom! You now have a thread.

If HypeFury can turn your posts into threads that need just a bit of finagling, imagine what it can do for the standalone pieces of content that exist in every piece of content on your site.

OH! And you can set up an ‘autoplug’ for tweets that get a lot of attention!

The cool kids on Twitter all have Soundclouds that they link to when a tweet goes viral.

I’m plugging my book once a tweet gets 5 likes:

Eventually, I’ll add more, but the book just came out (get freebies here!) so it’s what’s getting the priority.

Automatically. Meaning… I NEVER have to think about my “Twitter strategy” at all.

Which is good, because often my Twitter strategy is to forget about it until it’s time to go to bed, then to look at it and interact with my friends. It’s FAR BETTER to be strategic.

I mean I still send 9PM tweets. But I definitely don’t use it strategically at night.

Before I let you go, I want to talk about Instagram.

Full disclosure: I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing on Instagram, and I’m not dedicating any extra time or resources to figuring it out at the moment.

Which means I LOVE the one-click add to Instagram that HypeFury allows.

Here’s what an Instagram post looks like:

Click here to see the way my feed looks on Instagram now that I’ve started using HypeFury. It’s not pretty, but it is easy. And for now that has to be enough.

Conclusion: if you’re already on Twitter, you should try HypeFury.

If you’re not?

Then you do you, friend. It takes a TON of work to build your audience on Twitter, which is part of the reason we don’t have one for AmplifiedNOW and we use mine instead.

If you do try it, let me know what you think! I would have told you a month ago that the world doesn’t need one more social media scheduler, but now that I’m past my trial period and still happy, I’m open to other tools that allow me to make things fun again.

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