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It’s important to make money on the things you know

Embracing your expertise

We’re happy to pay others for their expertise, but we have a hard time accepting money for the things we know how to do. It’s okay for you to make money on the things you know. In fact, it’s vitally important. Coming up with how to make more money on the things that you know is a three-legged stool and the three legs are your expertise, your positioning, and a marketing engine.

We’ve been focusing on webinars (a marketing engine) for the last few videos and blog posts. Now we are going to switch gears and talk about your expertise.

Keeping your genius from the market is like keeping the secret to staying healthy a secret.

Let’s say you’re the only one that knows that washing your hands when you’re around sick people is something that will keep you from getting sick. You owe it to the world to share that knowledge, right? It’s the same thing with the things that you know.

I was just reading a book about how there are things that we are so good at that they’re like this unconscious expertise. The things that you know so well that you just don’t think of as special.

Think about the last time that you paid somebody for a service. It could be your doctor or a tax professional. I bet you were happy to pay them to help you with your illness or your tax return. I took the burden off of you and the results were better then if you tried to do it yourself. But for some reason, it’s a mental block to start accepting money for the things that we know.

If you don’t make money on your thoughts, someone else, who isn’t as articulate or smart as you, will.

So you owe it to the world to start making money on the things that you know, right?

This is not a pitch for going back to school or getting some sort of advanced degree or learning one more thing. You are already an expert at something and we’re going to spend this whole month figuring out is how to download your expertise out of your brain.

We are going to start with your “This I Believe” statements. It might feel like brainstorming is tough or you only come up with these obvious things, but remember the obvious things to a tax accountant and the obvious things to a doctor are completely different.

Your obvious things are going to be the expertise you need to focus on in your business to make money.

So the better you get at your thing, the more important it is to be able to back up and talk about it in terms of your expertise and being able to share that expertise with the world.

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