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Make the choice to be a creator

When in doubt, create something.

This month is all about your expertise.

So coming up with it, figuring it out. And before we do any of that, I need you to commit to something.

The world is divided into two kinds of people: there are creators and there are consumers.

There are an infinite number of ways you can grow your business. So many, in fact, that once you sit down, you might have trouble figuring out what to do at any given point. But if you find yourself struggling to figure it out, just create something. Hit record on your video, write a blog post, whatever put something new into the world.

Consumers scroll, creators create the content that people are scrolling through. Consumers offer criticism sometimes helpful, sometimes troll-y comments on videos from creators.

I’m not saying don’t consume – keep reading, keep watching videos, keep doing all the things that you’re already doing.

I do these unpolished videos because consumers talk about maybe creating something someday, but creators, don’t wait for perfection. Done. Out there. Published is better than perfect.

Consumers nitpick about grammar and creators are too busy working on publishing to do the polishing.

The difference between creating and consuming

In fact, I have a friend who is a super successful online personality and when somebody emails him back to correct his grammar, he always says “I have published so much that I don’t need to worry about my grammar.” Now he uses the wrong form of your and you’re just to troll people, just to get people to respond.

Creators create. Commit to being a creator. Commit to that today and honestly, if you make that one commitment, that one thing, your whole life, and business, will change. You’re going to put yourself out there. It’s going to be uncomfortable but people will love you for it.

It’s kind of like cooking. Let’s think about looking at a recipe. You’re looking for something to make for dinner and you’ve found a recipe and you have all the ingredients.

Do you tell the person that created the recipe that you don’t think it will work before you actually go into your kitchen, chop up stuff and cook the meal? No!

That’s the difference between reading a recipe and cooking a meal. It’s the difference between creating and consuming.

Keep showing up

I struggle with doubt at least a few times a week. And one of the only ways through that is to continue showing up.

That’s why I’ve committed to being here twice a week doing these unpolished videos. I’m going to be here. I’m going to be talking about how to build your expertise, how to position yourself as an expert, once you’ve built up your body of knowledge. And then how to build a minimum viable marketing engine to get your ideas out in the world.

That is what the Untapped Entrepreneur is all about. And even if you already identify yourselves as entrepreneurs, you’ll find value in this positioning. Because there’s a difference between getting paid by the hour and getting paid by the project and you can scale your income by creating projects.

So that’s what we’re talking about this month. Building your expertise by committing to become a creator and not just a consumer.


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