Micro Content Is The Future. Here’s How To Ignore It. - Kathleen Celmins
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Micro Content Is The Future. Here’s How To Ignore It.

If you’re a speaker or influencer, you probably know all about the power of video. You are already convinced that nothing converts like video, nothing helps you spread your message like video, and nothing can help you reach people far and wide like video. You’ve seen the way that it connects you with your audiences and allows you to speak authentically.

What Is Micro Content?

In the past when we thought of creating video content,  it was usually only long-form videos for use on YouTube, Instagram or Facebook Live, or a Webinar. But, with the rise of social media and dwindling attention spans, we have seen an increase in micro content.   Micro content is any written or video content that can be consumed in 30 seconds or less. It takes your message and distills it down into a very short segment that leaves an impression on your viewer. 

The main platforms we are currently seeing for video micro content are Instagram Reels and TikTok. These videos are usually 15 or 30 seconds, so this will probably be much shorter than you are used to creating. It may seem like a waste of your time to create something this short. You probably feel like there is no way you can get your message across in under 30 seconds, but before you dismiss it, let’s discuss how micro content can benefit you.

Why Should I Create Micro Content?

At Amplified NOW, we believe that micro content can be very helpful to reach your audience – both your current fans and new clients- in a way that attracts their attention. 

According to Digital Information World, the average human attention span is now shorter than a goldfish’s. In the year 2000, before the rise of smartphones and social media, the average attention span was 12 seconds. Now it is clocking in at eight seconds. In comparison, scientists believe that goldfish have an attention span of nine seconds. 

You can see how important it is to capture your audience quickly and in an engaging way. But, don’t let this intimidate you. As important as micro content can be, it is never a replacement for long-form content. 

While micro content can answer questions and show a preview of what you have to offer, when done correctly, it should lead your viewers to a place where they can learn more about you or your products or services. It can help you create and grow a follower base that is interested in what you have to say, and create an opportunity for deeper conversations to occur. 

How Do I Get Started?

As a speaker or influencer, you are good at painting a picture and you’re probably already good at speaking on camera. However, these micro content forms can feel intimidating to navigate when you’re used to having more time to tell a story or share your message. You don’t have to let this fear of micro content rule your life or stop you from not engaging on these types of platforms. 

It’s also important to note that just because micro content is popular right now, doesn’t mean that all the traditional ways of using video are in the past. Your keynote address, your signature speech, and your speaker reels are still important because they remain a way to connect with people who want to hire you.

They are also important because they hold the key to micro-content within them. 

Cutting up videos you already have created into micro-sized pieces of 15 or 30 second sound bites for use on TikTok or Instagram, allows you to reach a whole new audience without having to create anything new. You can also take the time to record a 10-minute video and then have that one piece of content create micro content for you to use for a long time. 

Look at the content you already have and you’ll see how cutting them down and using them over social media can introduce you to new followers and encourage people to find out more. Re-purposing content you’ve already created is key to making micro content easy. 

Remember, the purpose of micro content is to take the first step in introducing yourself to your target audience and to give people the chance to get a taste of what you’re about. It’s about beginning a relationship that will allow you to funnel them to where you can explain your entire message and create a lasting connection. 

Don’t let micro content hold you back. Ignore the “typical” way of creating it and use what you already have. Let your content and stories shine!

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