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What we can learn from Midge Maisel about bravery in business

Now is a time to stream a lot of television.

The other night my internet went out for about five minutes and it was a dark point in this quarantine I won’t lie. But the one show that I’ve watched, not only during quarantine but since it debuted, is called The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and it’s on Amazon Prime.

It’s great and it’s about an up-and-coming stand-up artist in the 50’s. There’s a scene in one of the early seasons where things aren’t going great for Midge and in order to build up her confidence, she starts going to dinner parties. Soon, she’s getting all kinds of invites to these parties.

She’s actively doing her bits at dinner parties instead of actually doing what she is great at, which is being on stage.

And it made me wonder where I’m doing something like that. Where are my dinner parties? Where am I stepping back from a stage where I think I should be? Or where I think I could be with a little bit of pushing? And instead, I’m hanging back and saying like “Nah, maybe not right now.”

It’s a good question for me and it’s a great question for you too.

Where are the places in your business where you might be holding back?

The only reason that Midge actually gets out of the dinner party set is that Susie, her agent, pushes her to stop. And to me, the relationship she has with her agent is very similar to what I do as a business coach. I find your blind spots. I find where you’re pulling back and I push you to go farther.

It’s worth a 45-minute strategy call with me to see where your blind spots are. That early call is so useful, some people just book that one and don’t go any farther than that. Some people work with me for a whole launch.

Say you have an idea for a course in your head and you just need some accountability. And while you’re building your course, you can work with me and have a bunch of your marketing done at the same time.

So just think about that as you go through your business day today. Think about, ask yourself, where are the places where you are hanging back because you are comfortable? Where do you get free food and good feedback from a group at a dinner party versus something scarier like being onstage? So where are you hanging back? Where could you push yourself?

Book a strategy call and we can identify your blind spots together!

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