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My Participation in #The100DayProject

Seemingly at just the right time, #the100dayproject popped up on my feed.

“Create something, and commit to doing that one thing every day for 100 days,” it said.

It spoke to me, because it was terrifying.

100 days is a long time to do anything consistently.

But it has been a really long time since I’ve written blog posts.

See, I started writing anonymously at Frugal Portland in late 2011. The writing was embarrassing, but I don’t regret a single word. It’s what led me to where I am today.

Over the years, I’ve prioritized many things over simply writing a new blog post. I lost enthusiasm for writing about my money situation when my money situation became a lot more ho-hum. It was exciting when I could talk about how I was paying off debt to the point where I no longer had a negative net worth, but once I started actually making and saving money, I didn’t really feel like I had anything left to say.

I wrote for a time at For-Profit Blogging (which is now a part of the Stacking Benjamins universe) because I was passionate about the online tools and tricks that helped me make a living with my blog. But ultimately that faded, too. That time, my focus was too narrow. I didn’t really want to keep writing about blogging, because I’m not convinced that’s the best way for people to make money online anymore.

So I stopped writing there, too.

I pretty much stopped writing everywhere.

So when I saw the idea pop up, I knew what I wanted to do.

I want to start writing again.

Start flexing my writing muscle.

Find my voice.

Find the topics that light me up.

I know they’re there.

I also know that committing to publishing every. single. day. for 100 days is going to be tough.

But getting out of credit card debt was tough, too, and the one thing that kept me going back then was my blog, so I’m leaning on the familiar once again.

I can’t promise there’ll be much worth reading in the next 100 days, but I can promise that I’ll post something every day. Even if it’s just a picture I took. I’ll post.

I’d love to support you, too — what are you going to commit to doing every day for 100 days? How can I follow along?

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