Thanks - Kathleen Celmins

Putting together your no-brainer offer: replay + PDF

This was one of those spur-of-the-moment ideas that I'm really glad I followed through on. We talked about offers: the easy ones. I also fielded questions about webinars and we workshopped some really interesting (and fun!) ideas for the different businesses that were represented on the call.

My no-brainer offer map:

Screen Shot 2020-03-24 at 8.24.48 AM

And, it wouldn't be the right kind of workshop if I didn't have something to sell, right?

I talked through my no-brainer offer without much of a pitch or explanation of what it is or why you should be interested. (That's the curse of the consultant, and the consulting company I used to work for called it the problem of not eating your own dog food, an analogy I still have a problem with, but we can talk about that another time.)

The vault is a collection of digital marketing templates aimed toward people who want to (or need to) DIY some of their marketing, but want some shortcuts.

It's $99, and it's a great deal.

It's an even better deal if you use coupon code 'marketingvault' to save 10%.

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