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Loren North

Design and Marketing for a Personal Stylist

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    Kathleen cares about my business as much as I do (or as close as she can). I felt that my success was her success. Plus, I like working with people who are smarter than I am in the areas I don't know, which I got from her right away. She's smart, savvy, and gets marketing in a way I could relate to.

    Also, I love that the webinar is WORKING! I've had an uptick in subscribers without sending any traffic to that page, and I've had sales from people who bought from me without a sales conversation! Plus, she created a truly beautiful webinar. 

    And then there's the website - the branding questionnaire is fantastic. A bit daunting at first but I get it. It really reduced potential back and forth during the design phase. She took everything I gave her and created the website I wanted. Plus, there's the fact that she does both design and copywriting. That is AMAZING. That is pure gold because most designers don't do copy. 

    -Loren E North

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