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I've built dozens of lead-generating quizzes, and they work SO WELL.


According to Psychology Today, we like taking quizzes because they reveal things we didn't know about ourselves, they help us identify with a group to belong to, and we want to better understand others.

$60,000 after just two months

One client made $60,000 in two months on a quiz that was, essentially, "which of my affiliate links should you click first?"

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5000 Subscribers + 30% Conversion Rate

Another built their list to 5000 subscribers in a year, with a 30% conversion rate from taking the quiz to booking a discovery call.

Sounds too good to be true, doesn't it?

These lead-generating quizzes do so well that my clients often want to keep their results under wraps.

But any company, from SaaS to eCommerce, from service provider to FinTech firm, can implement a quiz to their benefit.

4 Main Types of Quizzes




Branched Paths

The most popular BY FAR are personality quizzes.

BUT the ones that convert best are the branched paths, the ones that have unique endpoints based on every question. If a user answers the first question one way, they get a different second question than if they answered it the other way.

These are fun to build, fun to take, and bring people through the buyer's journey faster than a lot of other sales funnels.

6 Steps to Brainstorming Your Quiz


Figure out which type of quiz you're going to implement.


Determine your endpoints. Name them.


Write your questions.


Write your end pages. (There are as many end pages as there are endpoints.)


Write your email sequences. You'll likely have a unique email sequence for every endpoint.


Hook it up to your quiz builder of choice. (I use Paperform to build all my quizzes.)

Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

After you've tested the logic, you're ready to release your quiz into the world, and start seeing what it can do to help you build your business.

If you need help, reach out. I can offer advice, help you brainstorm your quiz copy and logic, or build you a quiz funnel from scratch.

3 ways to use quizzes to grow fast

Create, amplify, and convert your online audience into revenue.

Join a cohort

$1000 / month
  • join a small group of owners who are interested in lead generation
  • get clarity on your next project
  • meet individually and as a group
  • grow like crazy
Hands off

I'll build your quiz

contact me
  • research your audience
  • create a quiz that connects your audience to your offer
  • connect the logic
  • create the email follow-up sequence
  • tweak + adjust until we get the results we want
  • price depends on complexity + timeline

DIY your quiz

$99 one-time
  • Attention: self-starters and DIYers
  • Get the templates I use every time
  • Playbook, swipe files
  • Copy-and-paste templates, and more!
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