Roadmap to a Successful Marketing Campaign - Kathleen Celmins


write your sales page first

Yes, right now. Before you do anything else. Writing a sales page for something you've created is a big challenge, so getting this piece behind you will propel you forward.

STOP two:

create your webinar

Your campaign needs a webinar. Create and record an on-demand webinar at this stage. You can create a live webinar later, but you'll be happy you created one now to use throughout the rest of your campaign.

STOP three:

create your quiz

Quizzes are really great for building your email list, so it's worth figuring out how you can add one to your marketing. The key here is to find one that attracts your audience (and not the entire world).

stop four:

get your website content together

Create your thank-you page, your landing page, your webinar registration page, and your calls-to-action. Make sure everything flows, makes sense, and connects to the next piece.

stop five:

write your emails

Emails are the heart of any marketing campaign. A small percentage of people will buy what you're selling on your webinar, but the vast majority need more time to get to know you better before they're ready to buy. That's why you need a series of emails that introduce your audience to your solution.

stop six:

create your paid promotions

Paid ads and promotions are the last stop on your map. Once you have the rest of the pieces in place, you can start figuring out which messages and images resonate with your potential audience.

finish line:

now you're done!

Creating a successful marketing campaign that runs in the background isn't nearly as hard as you've been told. And if you want templates for every piece of the roadmap, check out the all-access pass where you pay once and get access to all existing (and future!) promotion templates.

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