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One shortcut to lessen the pain of marketing yourself

Yesterday I was talking to a coaching client who just does not like marketing.

I do marketing coaching for people who are in the digital space.  Maybe they have a solid career as a freelancer, and they want to start making money on the things they know. They want to start monetizing their knowledge, use their expertise for something other than their next freelance project. This particular client just doesn’t like marketing.

It’s a common thing among creators.

It’s common among creators who are interested in the digital world. They have a product to sell that helps people, they lead with a servant’s heart, and sort of backed into online work. Instead of coming to the internet with an existing business like a lot of people do, or an existing product that they want to build a business around, or an already existing service that they want to build a business around these creators – this creator specifically – came on to the scene a long time ago. They never imagined in a hundred years that they would be where they are today. They’re happy to be where they are, but we were talking about shortcuts to make marketing easier.

When you come at sales and marketing from an I-hate-sales-and-marketing-perspective, anything that you do that is slightly self-promotional makes you feel gross. And that’s unfortunate because what that means is that the people that are louder, the people that are better at marketing themselves, are getting better work than you are because you are afraid to market yourself. It’s not that you’re convincing people not to spend money – you’re convincing people not to spend money with you.

Why not have a bot do it?

I have a couple of different ones in my tech stack that I really like. They automate the promotional side of things so that my job on social media then becomes to post natively and authentically often enough so that what’s on my social feeds isn’t entirely the promotional stuff that I have queued up.

There are a lot of fun tricks like that. I’ve got a webinar series coming up Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, May 12th, 13th, 14th, 2020 where we’re going to talk about other shortcuts that you can use to lessen the pain of marketing yourself. The truth is, if you are not selling or doing any marketing, you don’t have a business.

You owe it to yourself to do some promotional work and it’s easier than you think. It’s sometimes just a question of hiring somebody else to load up your promotional posts for you. Just that simple act of not doing it personally takes the edge off. Instead of saying, “please buy my thing, I made it” you are hiring somebody else who says ”okay if you’re interested in this thing, you can buy it.”

So head over to I’ll put that right here in the comments and sign up for the date and time that makes sense for you. And we’ll talk about other shortcuts that you can take in your marketing to make it less painful and more effective.

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