Why Post-Pandemic is The Perfect Time to Start Offering Video Marketing Services - Kathleen Celmins
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Why Post-Pandemic is The Perfect Time to Start Offering Video Marketing Services

What makes now the perfect time to start offering video marketing services?

There have been a lot of changes in the world due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. One of the biggest has been our reliance on video to communicate with each other. 

Before the world of quarantines and stay-at-home orders, many of us were utterly unfamiliar with video-conferencing, but that ended quickly as we suddenly had to use it for everything from work to school to a casual gathering.

Why Video Matters More Than Ever

Your potential clients are probably much more comfortable on video now than they were a year or two ago. They also have realized that now they can’t always plan to go to conferences and hand out business cards. It’s time to take a new approach for this new way of living and doing business, and video is just the way to do that.

We also know that social media isn’t going anywhere, and more and more people are making buying decisions based on what they see there. Of course, written posts and pictures have their place, but video is the focus of most platforms now and the best way to get the attention your ideas and business deserve.

Video Conveys Expertise and Authenticity

Video marketing is the perfect way for your clients to deliver their expertise, attract new clients, and speak authoritatively on the topics that matter to them. In addition, it is the most effective way for your clients to present their knowledge authentically.

This is especially important for thought leadership content. While you could write that content, video lets your client’s authority and personality show. It’s an excellent way for the audience to see exactly what they will get when working with them. Because you are working with experts, video will let that expertise shine through.

Micro-Content Without More Work

Another huge benefit of video marketing is how easy it makes it to create micro-content, allowing you to get your clients onto more platforms than they are currently on. 

If they have a presence on Facebook or Instagram, creating videos makes it easy to expand that presence onto TikTok or Instagram Reels, allowing you to reach more people than before. 

At Amplified NOW, we have a content re-purposing process that allows you to take one five to ten-minute video and turn it into 27 pieces of content, including micro-videos, quotes, Twitter threads, along with an email and blog post. 

When you show your clients how much content they can get from such a minimal time investment, they’ll begin to see the true value of video and how it can help them amplify their message.

Mindstorm Mentoring

We also have a 2-on-1 Mindstorm Mentoring program that I would recommend if you’re unsure how to get started. 

This program helps you get your time back, grow your business sustainably, make more money, and get back to what matters most to you. With a mixture of both big picture ideas and sustainable systems and processes, you’ll get access to the full power of our Content Blocks system that you can implement in your business. 

We’ll map out a content strategy session for you so you can see how to do it, show you how to do an interview-style video, and you’ll receive the whole blueprint for how to add video to the content marketing you’re already offering. 

Learn More!

If you would like to learn more about this mentorship, click here to watch the Mindstorm Map training and see if taking the next step is right for you. Our passion is helping you set your destination and figure out the exact steps you need to get there, and this program will help you do that.

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