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Did you know: the more opportunities you give people to subscribe to your mailing list, the more people will subscribe to your mailing list?

Of course you did.

It's just that creating opt ins (and making sure you've connected everything) is one more thing you don't have energy for right now.

We understand.

That's why we're offering a fully integrated opt in.

We'll scour your website, come up with a couple different ideas for an opt in, write that opt in, design it, then integrate it into your website and email provider.

Here's what we'll do:

The seven steps of a start-to-finish opt in

  • Step 1: What is the opt in?

    We'll brainstorm ideas together and decide what we're going to do.

  • Step 2: Create opt in

    In this stage, the opt in gets created/designed/polished/ready for prime time.

  • Step 3: Build landing page

    Once the opt in is ready, we're cooking with gas! We'll build a landing page, with a form, that tells people exactly what to expect when they fill out the form.

  • Step 4: Build thank-you page

    We'll build a thank-you page, with a download button as well as suggestions on where they can go next.

  • Step 5: Create thank-you email

    The thank-you email has the same content as the thank-you page.

  • Step 6: Build forms

    We'll create conversion-optimized forms for your sidebar, bottom of your posts, top of your posts, and more.

  • Step 7: Deploy forms

    We'll add the forms to your website, in places that make sense.

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