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Why now is a GREAT time to test the waters of online marketing

Now is a great time to test your hand at online marketing.

I keep seeing in all these Facebook groups, this hesitation, like maybe now’s not the time to be asking for people’s money.
Maybe now isn’t right. I hate to say this, but I hear that all the time. Even when there is no global pandemic, there’s always some sort of reason why you don’t think that now is the time.

It comes back to not making people’s decisions for them. If you built your product or service in order to fleece people for money, that’s a different story. But I know you didn’t. You know you didn’t. Most people didn’t. You don’t spend your nights and weekends making workbooks just to take people’s money. You have developed some really important expertise over a matter of years, probably decades of your career. That is valuable.

It’s a good time to do marketing.

Ad rates are cheaper than they’ve been in a very long time, so paid advertising isn’t expensive. In a year, five years, seven years, 20 years, online advertising will be as expensive as advertising in glossy magazines now. You can’t get into a glossy magazine for a hundred bucks – but you can try throwing a hundred bucks at a Facebook campaign and see what happens there. You’re sitting in front of your computer. You can put together an offer. You can. I can help – I have coaching times available if you go to kathleencelmins.com/coaching. You can book a call there and I can help you put that together.

It’s also a really good time to just kind of give yourself a makeover. In my house, we’re not cutting our own hair (except the preschooler, but we hid the scissors from her). But a digital makeover, to make your website look right, make it look updated. Give it the attention that it deserves.

People are online.

I’m about a third of the way through writing a book about where we’re going in the future and how to make money on the things that you know. How to lean into your expertise, build your positioning, and have a marketing engine. In the book, I predicted that in the future we will be mostly remote. But that future is now. We’re all remote, whether you’re in a state that has a mandatory shelter-in-place order or you’re voluntarily secluding yourself. You’re working remotely. Even if you’re not doing a ton of work, whatever work you’re doing is from home.

These are weird times, but you’re never going to have as much unfolded time as you do right now.  I know you’re probably thinking, “Oh come on. If I were in your situation, I would have plenty of time.” I don’t have a ton of time. The time that I have, I have to give and be present with my family as well. I have young children, so they don’t understand why they can’t leave the house.

But what I want you to know is that it is a good time. It’s cheaper, it’s easier, the barrier to entry is so low. I have a bunch of templates. If you want to check them out here, you can see all of the things. I would love to give you a free 45-minute call if you want to book it. So if you go to my contact page, I will spend 45 minutes talking about the thing that you want to talk about this week.

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