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The Easiest Way to Create Facebook Ad Copy

I saw an ad online for a ‘quick trick’ to creating Facebook ad copy or the ‘Facebook ad copy template’ that will save you loads upon loads on time. I immediately thought ‘I’m not clicking on that‘.

First off, people don’t need a template to create Facebook ad copy. Second, there’s no hack or trick. Copy is copy. When you’re looking for a way to create really excellent Facebook ad copy, you’re either thinking too far ahead. Or you’re simply not committing to working smarter.

You Likely Already Have Copy For Your Facebook Ads

What I mean by working smarter is repurposing your own content. Your Facebook ad should lead to a landing page. We are not sending Facebook ad traffic to our general website and hoping for the best. What we’re doing is sending ad traffic to a landing page to get people to sign up for an opt-in that we’ve created.

But that landing page has copy on it already. If the copy is already converting – and you’ll know that because you get the notifications from your email – you know that people who land on your landing page are actually subscribing. Why don’t you just use that copy?

Create Facebook Ad Copy to Match Your Landing Pages

That’s a very short solution. But I see this time and time again. If you’re already thinking about, what you would put on a Facebook ad, I’m guessing that you don’t have a landing page yet. So that’s what you need to focus on.

Make sure your landing page goes to a thank you page where people can download your thing, watch your thing, or get notified about a kind of a live webinar. You want people to take a very specific action. Landing pages shouldn’t have your top navigation or your logo. They shouldn’t have any other links except the link to download your thing.

You can add it as a button or you can have a form. The button should load the form. Either way, I haven’t seen much of a difference in my stuff. Some people do say that a button increases conversions. Be sure to have a bunch of reasons in bullet point form of why someone should give you their name and email address. What will they be getting? What will they learn? What will they do?

When you have that copy on your landing page, you can just copy and paste it to Facebook. You can change it out a little bit because Facebook doesn’t allow bullet points. So you might have to find an emoji that looks like a bullet point. Other than that, it’s all the same.

Make Sure Your Offer is Front and Center

The only thing I would add to your landing page is some sort of crazy graphic. If your branding is muted, this might be a little bit challenging. But add a big graphic or stock image that is loud and eye-catching. You want your landing page to match your Facebook ad. So the Facebook ad looks exactly like your landing page. When someone comes across your ad in their feed, they click over to it. They are soothed by the fact that your branding is consistent between your Facebook ad and your landing page.

Again, at this point, they don’t know who you are and they don’t care. They don’t want to read your About page. They want to download your thing or watch your video or take your assessment. There’s no template for how to create Facebook ads.

There’s no shortcut to creating great Facebook ad copy except to already have that great copy in the first place. We do offer a Facebook ad package. It’s usually something we talk people out of or at least postpone. When people come to us looking for Facebook, we want to take a step back and assess their entire situation.

That said, I’d love to assess yours. You can fill out my contact form here to book a call. We’ll talk, I’ll look through your stuff and I’ll give you an assessment of where you are and what you might need next.

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