The revenue you seek is closer than you can imagine - Kathleen Celmins
the revenue you seek is closer than you imagine

The revenue you seek is closer than you can imagine

What if I told you it were possible to consistently earn $10,000+ per month…

  • ⚡️WITHOUT having a massive following
  • ⚡️WITHOUT sending cold spray-and-pray pitches
  • ⚡️WITHOUT some fancy Instagram tricks

Would you believe me? 💪

It’s true.

There is SO MUCH MONEY floating around on the internet.

(💸 ← look, there’s even an emoji for it!)

Here’s the thing, friend.

You already have everything it takes to scale.

You’ve already done the hard part: showing up. Hanging your digital shingle and announcing to the world that you are, in fact, the expert and authority you know you are.

The only thing missing?

People who show up, asking you to change their lives.

And truthfully, that’s good news.

“Kathleen, that’s not good news,” you say. “Without people showing up asking me to work with them, I don’t have a business. I just have an expensive hobby.”


We’re on the same page there.

But the audience piece is, honestly, the EASIEST piece to nail.

You might not think that’s true, but that’s only because one time, someone somewhere said you had to have x thousand followers to make a decent living online.

So you’ve been quiet.

Building things behind the scenes.

Waiting for the day when you feel like you’re ___ enough to launch.

Feel free to fill in the blanks with whatever your inner critic is saying in your head.

But you need to know something:

  • ✨You ARE enough.
  • ✨You HAVE enough.
  • ✨You’ll ALWAYS be enough.

And you’ll do a great job serving more clients.

Excellence is what you do.

It’s how you live.

It’s why you’ve made it this far.

So, trust me when I tell you… the ONLY thing you lack is a strategy for attracting your dream clients and turning them into paid customers.

Your business isn’t built on thousands of followers.

It’s not built on the unpredictability of something going viral (thank goodness for that!).

It’s not built on referrals (or at least not ONLY referrals).

It’s built on strategy.

Big picture thinking.

A repeatable framework.

Ready for your season of growth?

Contact me. I got you.

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