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  • 1.

    The truth about success in online business

    • Blogging isn't dead, but it has changed since the "early days"
    • It's no longer possible to accidentally make six figures online
  • 2.

    The very beginning

    • We are at the very beginning of doing business online, and since you're already here, you're ahead of the pack.
    • But your position is far from stable. You might just be one algorithm change away from realizing your house is a house of cards.
  • 3.

    Your expertise

    • Your expertise lies in the things you know so well you don't even think about them.
    • Once you can acknowledge your expertise, the first leg is complete.
  • 4.


    • Adhering to the "don't trade your time for money" adage will keep you from money.
    • The trick is to position yourself in such a way that you're trading your time for a lot more money.
  • 5.

    Building a marketing engine

    • You can't build something and expect people to buy it. You have to create a marketing engine.
  • 6.

    Tying it all together

    If online businesses are like houses, then there are foundational pieces and differentiation pieces.

    Using the 80/20 approach, what the items in the vault do is cut your commitment to the 80% by so much that you'll be able to spend even more time and energy on your differentiation.

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