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62 promotion shortcuts to drastically accelerate your promotion timeline!

For creators, entrepreneurs, and anyone using the internet to sell their products or services who don't have time to learn a new skillset but would like to make more money from their creations

Creating your group program, your one-on-one coaching, your online course, your digital product, or your done-for-you service really takes a lot out of you.

You left it all out on the field when you put the finishing touches on your work.

And now it's finished.


But wait.

Hold off on the champagne for a second.

People need to start seeing your creation.

(And buying it!)

"Oh, right... promotion. Where do I even begin?"

What if you could have step-by-step plans, copy-and-paste templates, best practices, and know exactly what to do to get your product or service seen by the people who need to see it?

What if you could skip having to learn an entirely new skillset and could use proven shortcuts instead?



62 SHORTCUTS to help shave time off every step of the promotion process.

From "what do I do now?" to DONE with every piece of promotion in record time.

Get copy-and-paste templates for:

  • Your sales page
  • Your high-converting opt-in
  • Your landing page
  • Your thank-you page
  • Email follow-up sequences for any situation
  • ...and more!

Hi, I'm Kathleen Celmins, and if there's one thing I love more than marketing, it's creating systems for making the complex simple. I have over a decade of experience in sales and marketing, and proven experience in making brands profitable.

I know what it's like to put the finishing touches on something, only to be both exhausted and overwhelmed by the next step. If only promotion were as easy as putting up a sales page and sending one email to your list!

bw Kathleen giant face

But it's not, and that's why I created this. We use this toolkit at Dabble Media when we're working with clients to build their promotional engines, and we found it so useful that we thought we'd share it with you.

You're too focused on your zone of genius to have to figure out one more skill set.

62 promotion shortcuts is right for you if:

  • You want to get your product in the hands of people who need it, and you want to do it right away
  • OR, you're ready to provide a service to those who need you most
  • You want to avoid the agony of a blank page
  • You don't actively enjoy writing sales copy
  • You're not currently focusing on promotion because you don't know where to begin
  • You're ready to make more money

What's included in 62 shortcuts?

  • Copy-and-paste templates for sales pages, landing pages, opt-ins, and email sequences where you take the framework and make it yours -- getting you to "finished" in a fraction of the time it took you previously

  • Ideas on how to keep your audience engaged

  • Our favorite resources that make the whole process even easier

  • Background information on the psychology of selling, which will remind you that when you sell something you believe in, you're helping more people (not annoying them!)

You could do this all on your own...

Many launches go like this:

  • Stare at a blank screen, attempting to figure out how to write a sales page that will make people want to buy

  • Tell yourself that if you build it, surely they will come

  • Add one buy button to a page

  • Send one halfhearted email to your list

  • Seek out the next shiny object to create, without ever really giving this a chance to be seen

Does that sound familiar? It happens to all of us.

It used to happened in my business all the time.

But do you really want to keep quiet about your transformational product or service?

Do you really want to watch from the sidelines as your peers talk about their latest five- and six-figure launches?

Do you want to level up your income?

If you don't take promotion seriously, you won't be able to sell as well as you'd like.

And nobody deserves to spend weeks and months creating something only to end up feeling like a failure because of a lackluster launch.

You could hire it out...

For a lot of entrepreneurs, hiring out the entire promotion piece makes good sense.

We work with clients one-on-one who want to focus on what they're good at and hand promotion to us.

If that appeals to you, schedule a free 15-minute strategy session and we'll map it all out for you.

If you want to invest in having Dabble do this for you, we're happy to help.

If you hired us to create each piece...

  • Sales page: starting at $750
  • Quiz creation: starting at $1500
  • Webinar slide copy+design: starting at $2500
  • Thank-you page copy+design: starting at $250
  • Landing page copy+design: starting at $750
  • Email sequences written+deployed: starting at $2000
  • Calls-to-action designed, developed+deployed: starting at $250
  • Facebook ads targeting+copy: starting at $1000/mo

That's a total of $7000 for one campaign, including strategy calls. We love doing these, our campaigns have brought in thousands of email subscribers and thousands of dollars in revenue, and if you want our help, reach out!

But if you have a little more DIY in you, you need some shortcuts.

Or, you could get these shortcuts...

Hiring a team to do everything related to promotion might not be in the cards for you right now.

If that describes you, consider the promotion toolkit.

Here's what's included:

layout of what's included in the promotion toolkit
  • Copy-and-paste templates for your sales page
  • Brainstorming the opt-in that works best for your situation
  • Copy-and-paste templates for your webinar slide decks (three styles to choose from!)
  • Copy-and-paste templates for your opt-in's thank-you pages (and why they're so important)
  • Copy-and-paste templates for your opt-in's landing page (and why you might consider a new format)
  • Copy-and-paste templates for a dozen different ideas for email sequences
  • Best placements for calls-to-action
  • A quick guide to Facebook ad targeting and design

The Dabble Media Toolkit will help you get all your promotion done at a fraction of the price you'd pay to hire someone to handle just one aspect of your promotion plan.

Get an action plan you can implement today.


  • This download is an interactive Google doc with prompts that, once you've filled them out, will populate an excellent first-draft sales page in a matter of minutes.


  • Email zero
  • "Book a call" post-webinar email funnel
  • Post-webinar follow-up funnel
  • Post-quiz email funnel
  • The exact email funnel we used for a previous on-demand webinar
  • Pre-webinar (LIVE ONLY!) email funnel
  • Email template inviting people to your on-demand webinar
  • Flash sales email funnel
  • Re-engagement funnel
  • CHEAT SHEET: How to get people to open your emails


  • Webinar background and notes
  • Webinar content outline questionnaire
  • Dabble Media webinar template 1
  • Dabble Media webinar template 2
  • Dabble Media webinar template 3
  • Link to the finished Toolkit webinar
  • Notes from the perfect webinar
  • Webinar registration page template


  • 1 Testimonial SHORTCUT
  • 7 Sales page SHORTCUTS
  • 1 Opt-in brainstorming SHORTCUT
  • 2 Quiz SHORTCUTS
  • 8 Webinar SHORTCUTS
  • 1 Thank-you page SHORTCUT
  • 4 Landing/registration page SHORTCUTS
  • 9 Email funnel SHORTCUTS
  • 1 Call-to-action (CTA) SHORTCUT
  • 2 Facebook ad targeting SHORTCUTS
  • 3 Facebook ad messaging SHORTCUTS
  • 23 Other promotion SHORTCUTS
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