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I just launched a new resource: Digital Marketing Template Library

I run a 100% remote company, and I don't love paying monthly fees. I've tried a lot of different tools, but there are some we come back to, time and time again.

Below are the tools we use (or have used in the past) to run our business.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is the one recurring fee we pay without question. How else are we going to communicate with our customers?

Here are two we've used and highly recommend:

[earnist ref="convertkit-email-marketing-for-creators" id="334"]

[earnist ref="activecampaign-easy-to-use-marketing-automation" id="335"]

Website Prettification

You need a website, but you don't need to let your lack of website slow you down. Buy a domain. Get hosting. Then buy a premium theme to make it pretty.

[earnist ref="studiopress-by-genesis" id="339"]

[earnist ref="beaver-builder" id="362"]

[earnist ref="istock" id="496"]


Once you start paying for email subscribers, you're going to want to start actually getting more email subscribers. Here are some of our favorites:

[earnist ref="convert-pro" id="345"]

[earnist ref="earnist" id="341"]

[earnist ref="everwebinar" id="400"]

Internal Communication

[earnist ref="stepshot" id="360"]

[earnist ref="mindmeister" id="375"]

[earnist ref="top-tracker" id="377"]

Social Media

[earnist ref="socialbee" id="378"]

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