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Updates: both professional and personal

It’s the second quarter of 2019, and (looking at the calendar) we’ve been in Chandler almost a year. Which, holy smokes. It’s nuts how little exploring we have done, although getting pregnant within a month of moving here is mostly to blame.

Parker came at 10pm on January 29, and she’s a sweetie. At least she appears to be. She’s an infant, which is inarguably the worst version of humans. It’s so bad that we’re not even equipped to remember this time in our lives!

But she recently started smiling, which means we can keep her. And it also means that she has a speed other than sad or grumpy. I’m excited to get to know her as her personality starts to develop. Clara is a big fan of being a big sister, which is more wonderful than I could have expected.

I wrote my 2019 goals on my company blog at the very end of 2018, and since then, I’ve gotten a lot of clarity on where I’m going with my company and where I’m going on this website.

Credit where credit is due: my friend Caelan introduced me to this book called Thought Leaders Practice, and it’s shaping how I’m structuring my life and my career moving forward. He’s doing a book club about it if you want to join: https://stellarplatforms.com/book-club/

It’s basically a framework on how to build your practice as a thought leader (a phrase that feels like it was pulled straight from corporate buzzword bingo, but whatever). They have a rubrick and a path to follow, and as I was explaining to Anne, who does not feel like the book has changed her world, after a lifetime of training on how to be a good employee, this book is like the boss I need right now. Focus on one thing per quarter, but feel free to change things. Do not do X until you’ve established yourself.

Those kind of rules might seem arbitrary but one of the biggest challenges of being your own boss is that when you can fill your day any which way you choose, you often don’t fill it with the things that will move you forward.

All that’s to say that I’m getting more comfortable in front of the camera. I redesigned my home page, came up with a tagline, and am mixing business with personal updates.

I deleted my company’s Instagram and Twitter, because they were both simply contributing to the noise and offered very little signal. I don’t need those things. I wouldn’t follow them, so why on earth should I expect someone else to follow them?

I absolutely adore Instagram, and I like Twitter a little less. So I’m on both of those platforms. I still have a Facebook account, but that’s because I can’t do ads without one and I like some of the groups I’m a part of.

I sent an update on my weekly newsletter at the end of March about my progress on my goals. I’ll list that here, too, so I have a record of it.

Looking back on Q1 — how did I do in the following categories?

According to my 2019 resolutions set in the optimistic days in late 2018, I wanted to:

  • Write 13,000 words for myself. AHEAD! 200 words a day works out to 13,000 words a quarter. I am proud to say I wrote over 17,000 words in Q1, which is as close to a writing habit as I’ve cultivated.
  • Upload 65 videos. BEHIND! I started recording videos on YouTube (check out my channel), but then I got really self conscious toward the end of my pregnancy, then when I had a very young daughter and just decided that I wasn’t ready for my close-up, so to speak. I uploaded 13, which means I’ll have to make up for lost time next quarter.
  • Finally finish all the Pulitzer-prize winning novels. FINISHED! I’ve been working on this goal for about 15 years off and on, and I really thought I’d finish last year. Then I read Andersonville, which threw me off because it took two, maybe three, months to finish. But the four that remained were not as difficult to get through! So, until the new one is announced next month, I can proudly proclaim that I’ve read them all.
  • Sell 25 Toolkits. BEHIND! This one is morphing for a number of reasons. First, there’s no more toolkit. That’s a big one. I’ve broken them up into different marketing templates based on the awesome suggestion of Caelan, who I mentioned last week. The goal is to give people the resources they need. They’re a work-in-progress, but if you’re interested, you can see them linked on Dabble’s home page as well as the template page.
  • Go to yoga 68 times. BEHIND! The point of tracking yoga sessions is to build a daily-ish habit, and even though I’m behind, and have to play catch-up throughout the rest of the year, I’m proud of myself for showing up. It’s a hit to the ego to exercise in a group setting after giving birth, and my gym seems like the kind of place only fitness models go to, so even though I’m behind, I’m proud of the 12 times I’ve been and I’m looking forward to cultivating this habit throughout the rest of the year.

So, moving forward, I’ll be writing more in this space. And on my company blog. But my company blog is going to focus on things like gorgeous sales pages, whereas here, I’ll talk about the personal side.

Because it’s impossible to separate my work self from my personal self.

I think, in trying to keep them separate, I’ve closed off a huge part of myself to my real-life friends. In thinking they don’t want to hear about work, I’ve never talked about my work to my friends.

Which is silly because friends show up for each other, and by not ever mentioning my stuff to them, I’m not giving them a chance to show up for me.

That all changes. Today.

Meanwhile, Spring in the desert is the world’s best.

Check out some of the recent pictures I took from when my family was in town:

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2019 03 11 13.06.06 copy


2019 03 11 12.55.07 copy

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