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I just launched a new resource: Digital Marketing Template Library

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The vault gives you easy access to every single template, swipe file, slide deck, email sequence, brainstorming document, and toolkit necessary to consistently get your own marketing done WITHOUT endless research, complicated systems, or setting yourself up to spin out from overcomplicating things.

Welcome to the vault

"I'm absolutely blown away"

"I am absolutely blown away by all the pieces and step-by-step guidance here. You hear all the time all of the things you need in order to launch a product, but sometimes it's overwhelming to figure out where all the pieces go and what should be done first.

But then I found Kathleen's vault. She walks you through the entire process from gathering testimonials, to creating your landing page and getting your Facebook ads started. This is so valuable!"

Candice Latham, The Latham Agency

Let me see if the following sounds familiar:

You're a creator. One who creates life-changing digital products and services. And you have the social proof to know that you're changing the world (if not the world at large, your corner of the world).

The only problem?

All the marketing stuff gives you the feels. And not the good ones.

Let's see:

You put up a sales page...

...but nobody found it.

You sent an email...

...but nobody bought from it.

Or you didn't promote it at all..

...and it didn't sell.

If that's the case, the vault is right for you. And at just $99 for lifetime access, it's a no-brainer.

You don't have time to sit back and learn all the ins and outs of marketing.

When you're the one responsible for both creating the content and making sure your stuff sells, the pressure can be overwhelming.

You didn't get into all this just to feel like a used-car salesperson, but when you look online, you get overwhelmed by the sense that maybe you're missing something. "In order to make it online," you read, "you MUST use these bizarre bait and switch shenanigans or risk losing face."

"You need something so complicated that I'll demonstrate it using this diagram that has circles and arrows all over it with a guide to help you figure out what you're supposed to see."

But what if -- and hear me out -- you didn't need all that?

What if you just needed some assistance brainstorming? Or putting together a sales page? Or writing an email sequence?

That's what the vault is.

All the documents and spreadsheets that I use for my own business and for my clients' businesses to help cut the time between idea and finished product in half or more.

Look, the longer you take to figure out digital marketing the more your competition is going to surge out ahead, leaving you in the dust.

Plus, for some reason, this industry is full of people who think their job is to obfuscate (good Scrabble word!) the process, when it's all very simple.

Meet the cleaned-up version of the inside of my brain. Templates and swipe files that are organized so well that you can start using them right away.

If you want in, too, these templates will save you time, friend. They'll cut the time it takes to write a sales page, craft a killer email sequence, put together a webinar... any digital marketing task you can think of (especially the ones that give you a headache!) in half.

If you're a creator with more than a little bit of technical knowledge, the vault is for you.

Hey, at this price, even if you only use the brainstorming parts of the vault, this is for you.

These are proven templates, swipe files, notes from other courses and books. Everything I've ever considered important enough to write down is in the vault (or soon will be, and you'll be notified every time I add something.)

These are the shortcuts you'll want to have when you know it's time to promote your thing, but you don't know where to begin.

Hi, I'm Kathleen Celmins, of and I've been looking for a good reason to use this picture of me pointing at a white wall.

I created these templates and swipe files to improve the deliverables my team was putting out.

Creating a system and hiring the right people to help you execute that system means you can scale easily.

"Here, use this and create a first draft," I've said countless times.

And the drafts are good.

I figured, since they work so well for us, they'll probably help you, too.

Let's take a look at some of what's included as of now, in the vault:

(By "as of now" I mean that I'm constantly adding to this thing. I'm finding half-finished drafts, organizing the other parts of my file management disaster, then once I move them to the vault, I'll let you know what's new.)

Check it out, I made a GIF!

These are the bare bones. The documents that are in there now will have a new friend joining them every single workday.

Which means I will probably not be emailing you every time I put something new in there. Probably weekly. Yes, that's much more reasonable.

tara falcone

"I created an opt-in that converts in less than two weeks"

"The digital marketing templates in the vault are a lifesaver. Instead of spinning my wheels and wasting valuable time starting from scratch, I was able to rely on Kathleen's proven guides as a framework from which to model my content. The website and webinar templates, in particular, helped me create an opt-in that converts in less than two weeks. The vault is worth every penny (and then some)."

Tara Falcone, ReisUP LLC

"Wait up, hold up. I have a question."

As long as I'm in business, how's that sound? But this price isn't going to get any lower, my friend. So if you want access to these and all other templates that get dropped in, you should buy now. While supplies last.

Via Google docs. Add them to your own drive. Make a copy. Do with them what you will. Or bookmark the vault and come back to it when you need to find something specific.

Oh, jeez. Making me sell on this sales page? Fine. Buy them from me so you can skip all the learning that went into putting them together and create a shortcut for yourself to do the marketing you keep putting off.

You get access to all the files that are currently in the vault. Plus, lifetime access to all the files that will one day be in the vault. Templates, swipe files, foundational pieces. The things you need to get your marketing done fast.

Any entrepreneur who wants to make more money online. Any business owner who needs to brainstorm their next money-making idea. Anyone who needs a bit of help getting their marketing engine running.

Sadly, yes.

Login. Get your template(s). Get on with it.

Ready to get started? Operators are standing by. (Not really, but were they ever?)

Welcome to the vault
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