3 ideas from $10K VA®, the digital course that earned six figures in 12 months

Kayla Sloan was a virtual assistant before most people had heard of the term. She became known as the go-to person for VA work, and started getting approached by people who wanted to learn how to do what she'd accomplished.

So she created a course. And before her course was even linked to from her home page, she'd made $25,000 on it.

Then, we joined forces. How could we turn $25,000 into $100,000? Here's what we did...

Step 1. Get Kayla in front of the camera much more often

Kayla is good on camera. She is confident, relatable, and someone with a lot of authority. So hers is the kind of voice and face we want to have doing more videos, more workshops, more webinars.

I created a webinar for her that she ran one week a month for the next year.

We ran this on different days and times. We sent paid traffic to a registration page. It drove a lot of sales.

Step 2. Find Kayla a new revenue stream that wouldn't require a lot to pull together.

I found a revenue gap in her business pretty easily. She was serving jobseekers. What could we create that would entice the people hiring virtual assistants?

Often, the offer solopreneurs are missing when it comes to their business is a high-ticket offer. By pivoting who she was serving, I helped her see that she could charge a higher price. And offer a higher-end service.

Step 3. Build a robust system for affiliates.

Affiliate marketing can be really lucrative for content creators. Since Kayla's market was exclusively content creators, we built a system where they could help sell her offer.

Hope this was helpful!

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