How my client earned more than $60,000 in just two months from their website alone

Lined Circle
Lined Circle

Meet "Tracy"

Tracy (identity hidden so her competition doesn't find out her secret sauce!) asked me to help with her marketing.

here's what moved the needle for her.

She's a consultant.

She wanted help bringing in more subscribers, leads, and customers to her offer.

Redesigned and rewrote her home page from the perspective of the person coming to visit.

Next, it was time to rewrite the sales page for her offer.

Chief Creative Officer

Get a fill-in-the-blank template for your next sales page

Created a webinar. But this didn't convert very well. Why? Tracy gave away too much free consulting.

What made the biggest difference?

A quiz that addressed Tracy's target audience's BIGGEST pain points.

The quiz not only solved a problem, it presented an opportunity for Tracy.

It helped her prospects decide whether they needed to hire her, or use one of her links to DIY their solution.