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What Does a Video Marketer Do?

Have you ever wondered what a video marketer does? 

To most people, it sounds like a video marketer spends a whole bunch of time recording videos. 

But that is actually what I spend the least of my time doing. 

Don’t get me wrong: I do a lot of videos.

I do videos for our blog, for social media, for courses, and spend hours working with clients on their videos. 
But, here are some of the other things I do to give you some insight into the life of a video marketer.

Beyond Videos


The majority of my time is spent planning. Not just planning for videos, but content strategy, both for our business and clients. I also spend a lot of time doing big picture thinking about how we can grow our business or what we need to do for our clients in the next quarter.

Team and Process Management

I spend time working with our team to ensure that when a video is filmed, we follow our process that creates the highest quality finished product. It’s important that we follow a standard operating procedure that gets quality client work out the door in an efficient and timely manner.

Content Amplification

Once we have the final video, we are ready to tackle the amplification of the finished product. This involves editing the video for micro-content, social media scheduling, and creating written content.

Call To Action Creation

We recommend every video ends with a call to action, so I spend time creating the download or other resources that we use in our call to action and keeping them up to date.

Website Management

Not only do you need to create content, but you also need to build all the infrastructure that goes along with it. Every time we create a new call to action piece, we spend time updating our website and creating landing and thank you pages to go along with the new collateral. 


I spend time writing emails to go along with the resources we provide and keep our clients and followers up to date on new services or information that will be helpful to them. 

When it comes to a call to action download, I also write five to seven emails that go along with that to walk our potential clients through the buyer’s journey and help them understand how to move along the path to working with us.

Working With Clients

I spend a lot of time batch recording videos with clients. I’ve found it’s helpful to get our client’s into video mode by booking a block of time on their calendar and recording videos until they are too tired to do anymore. 
Usually, this gives us three or four videos in one fell swoop. This means that often, you can get the majority of your client’s content done for the quarter in just a few sessions.


Staying up to date is essential in the video marketing industry. I often focus on researching the best tech to make the video recording process easier for our clients. In addition, I explore ways to improve our operating procedures and methods to make the process more efficient.
We also offer market or competitor research for clients and help them find the best strategy to move forward.


I am always on the lookout for my next great idea. Whether that’s for a client or our business, my eyes and ears are always open, and my mind is continually working to find something that will be of benefit. 

It’s so important to be aware because you never know where the idea for your next video will strike. Maybe it will come from a client email, perhaps it will come from something you overheard at the coffee shop, or maybe you’ll think of it while out on a walk. 

Video marketing is a creative endeavor, so keeping your mind open to new ideas is crucial.

Doing Marketing Differently

Video marketing provides a diverse work experience. There are a variety of tasks, and you are exposed to many ideas as you work with different clients and meet new colleagues in the industry. 

While it can be hard to explain exactly what a video marketer does, the variety and creativity involved make it an exciting career. And because there’s no end to what you can do with videos, you’ll get to be part of changing the landscape of marketing

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